15 May 2015

A Letter To Mallory

Dear Mallory, 
It has been a month since your brother Michael was born! (You have us all calling him "brother" since you are refusing to say his name.) You were nearly 18 months old at the time we brought him home from the hospital and I just have to tell you how much you have impressed me and your dad. 

Throughout my pregnancy we tried to predict how you would adjust to having a new baby in the house. Our best guess was that your would kind of just ignore him. You were never really a "jealous" kid and you really enjoy your independence. We expected you may get a little frustrated when I couldn't take care of what you wanted/needed the exact instant you wanted/needed it, but in general you're pretty laid back. 

What we didn't expect was the instant love and sense of responsibility you so apparently felt for your brother. You instinctively knew he was different and that he was yours to love, care for and look after. Over the few short weeks you've known your brother, you have studied how your dad and I soothe Mike and meet his basic needs, then you, with heartwarming and flawless execution, do the same. When you hear him cry you come running saying "uh-oh" with his paci in your little hands. You've lovingly soothed him with your own tiny finger during diaper changes. Several times a day you eagerly sit at our feet with open arms and say "ok" indicating to us that you would like to hold your brother. You shower him with kisses and insist he be the first person you kiss goodnight at bedtime. I could go on and on... Your affection for your brother has melted my heart and brought me to tears more times than I can count. 

My hope is that the grace, love and adaptability you've shown during this month is something you carry with you throughout your life. We would all be well served to be a little more like you in the face of change.

We are so very proud of you Mallory and can't wait to watch your relationship with your brother grow and evolve!
PS. You still suck at sleeping. Work on that. ;)

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