06 May 2015

Disappointing Beauty Products

Over the past couple of months I've focused the majority of my shopping energy on beauty products. (Shout out to my huge pregnant belly making shopping for clothes straight up painful!) In the process, I scored some really outstanding beauty products (which you'll see later on this week) but also a couple of duds... Most of these products are recent purchases with the exception of the OCC Lip Tar which I've had for a little over a year. Anyway, lets get to it!

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sinful nail polish review

I really really wanted to like this Sinful Nail Polish. The price point and color range are fantastic! I figured this would be a super fun and affordable way to build my nail polish collection if the quality was up to snuff. Sadly, that wasn't the case. The formula for this shade in particular was super watery and transparent. No matter how many coats I slathered on my nails (I think I quit at 4) I could not get any kind of color payoff! I will not be adding anymore Sinful polishes to my stash.

nyx creamy lipstick review

If you've ever taken even a quick peak at my instagram account, you know I have an affinity for experimenting with lipsticks. You name it and I'll try it! I grabbed this NYX Extra Creamy Lipstick one day at Target on a whim, again because it' affordable and looked really pretty in the tube. When I tried it on it was very sheer, which on its own is ok, but it was also very streaky. :( The color payoff was decent which is why the streakiness was problematic.  It did not look good on the lips. On the plus side, it was definitely hydrating, so there's that...

hourglass ambient lighting blush review

Man oh man is this Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush raved about on YouTube! I heard that on some people this stuff served as a highlight while on others it gave enough color to work as a blush. I was in the market for both a highlighter and a blush, so I went for it! To put it plainly this stuff does not work on my skin tone--you can't even see it! It literally doesn't show up at all on my skin! Major bummer.

occ lip tar review

Ok. The  OCC Lip Tar... Color, stunning. Color payoff, outstanding. Price point, reasonable. Flavor, delicious. But Lord have mercy is this stuff messy! It literally will not stay on my lips. All over my teeth, on my hands and even moves onto the rest of my face. It's down right stressful for me to wear. I much prefer to just throw a clear gloss over my Stila liquid lipstick and call it the same thing. 

Do you have any beauty product flops to share? Help a sister out!

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