18 May 2015

Michael Robert - 1 Month Old

Our boy is ONE MONTH OLD! I'm not going to tell you that "I can't believe he's already a month old" because that wouldn't be the truth. I think that being on bed rest really was a game changer as far as time measurement goes. It feels like a lifetime ago that I was 36 weeks pregnant, huge and not allowed to do anything! We have been been able to soak up each and every second with Michael and Mallory this month thanks to the grandmas. Both my mom and Kyle's mom have been here helping us transition, which has allowed me and Kyle to worry only about caring for the kids. What. A. Blessing!

Loves || Being bounced, his paci, nursing, noise, snuggling, tucking his hand in my shirt.

Loathes || Diaper changes, gas, clothes being pulled over his head, tummy time and his car seat. 

Clothes || We still have him in newborn clothes and diapers, but those are definitely on their way out. Just trying to get as much mileage out of them as we possibly can!

Weight || When we took him home from the hospital, he had only lost 3oz from his 6lbs birth weight. By his 3 day weight check he had not only recouped the lost weight, but gained an additional 13 ounces! Then, just a week after that he was up an additional pound and a half ish and grew an inch! If I were a betting woman I would say he is about 9lbs at this point, but we don't see the doctor again for another couple of months. 

Diet || Breast milk. Michael nurses for about 45 minutes at a time which seems like forever compared to Mallory who was alllll business at the boob. I'm certainly not complaining though--I love the snuggles! (Well, not so much in the middle of the night, but ya feel me.)

Health || We are so thankful to have had a really uneventful first month in the health department. Mallory did share a little pink eye with him shortly after he got home from the hospital, but that's it! 

Sleep || Ok, so the dude sleeps fine. He wakes up every 3 ish hours to nurse, then generally goes right back to sleep. He seems to be a bit of an early riser, which during this time of year in Alaska (tons of sunlight) is fine by me! Here is where things get weird... he is so noisy! The squeaking, grunting, and snorting are 24/7 and LOUD with him--even in his sleep! I've never seen/heard anything like it! Since he is in our room, Kyle and I find that we are awake throughout the night even when he is sleeping thanks to all of his not so little noises. But hey, better than screaming, right?

Social/Milestones || Because Michael is so young, I'm going to lump these two categories together for now. He prefers to be held whether asleep or awake, but certainly while he's awake so he can study my face. He holds the most intense stare during those content awake times. I particularly enjoy when he notices the lights--brings me back to Mallory's newborn days. She was obsessed! We have started to hear a little bit of his voice through those short baby yells and coos, but those still don't happen regularly.

Baby Gear || Things have been really simple around here in the "gear" department thanks to Mike's ripe age and essentially comatose existence. ;) Regardless, here is what we are using with him without his knowledge. Ha!
newborn essentials
one || two || three || four || five || six || seven || eight 
Umm, I think that's it! Wish me luck as a venture into my first full week at home with two kids alllll by myself. ;)
Read Mallory's one month update here!

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