17 May 2015

Michael's Birth Announcement

Happy Sunday! I hope you are having a fun and relaxing weekend! We had to say goodbye to Kyle's mom yesterday which officially means we are on our own! We have been so fortunate to have both mine and Kyle's mom staying with us over the past few months to help me finish out my pregnancy and transition into life with two kids. Now, I apparently have to do my own laundry and cook my family meals...weird. ;)
I wanted to stop by briefly today to share Michael's birth announcement! As you know, I'm definitely a believer in snail mail. I get such joy out of receiving things in the mail that aren't bills or advertisements (hence the online shopping situation in our house) and I really enjoy sending people things. I have made sending physical birth announcements out for both Mallory and now Michael a priority during the first week at home. Hopefully the kids and our friends and family will enjoy having these to look back on.
As always, we used Tiny Prints for Mike's birth announcements. From return address labels to Christmas cards and stationary, we've ordered from them countless times and have always had an outstanding experience. Here's how things usually go down... After I've taken my photos, I hunker down at my computer with a massive cup of coffee and choose my favorite designs and create a few drafts. I LOVE doing this! I get so excited by all of the different card themes and ideas that I could literally do this all day long and never decide on a card. That's where Kyle comes in... Once I have things narrowed down to about ten different options (TEN?!! See what I mean?? Things can get out of hand in a hurry.) I call Kyle over to narrow it down to two or three then I make the final selection. I finally settled on the "Standout Name" design and here it is!
tiny prints review
tiny prints review

As I go through my 956972 card options, Tiny Prints makes it really simple for me to create multiple design drafts. After I enter Michael's birth stats/what I want the card to say, it automatically plugs it in for me for each subsequent design. So even though I have countless drafts, I only had to type everything out once. #lazypeopleunit! Tiny Prints also allows you to change the font style and color which really allows you to make the announcement even more personalized.

I guess after kissing so much Tiny Prints ass I should mention that this is not a sponsored post and Tiny Prints has no idea who I am. I just spend a lot of money ordering things from them and think they've got it going on! OH! They ALWAYS have coupon codes out the ying-yang!

Take a look back at Mallory's birth announcement!

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