24 June 2015

A Birthday Wish List

I have a birthday coming up. My 26th birthday to be exact. We honestly have been dreading this birthday of mine. Without getting all political, I certainly benefited from being able to stay on my parents health insurance up to this birthday. Cancer care isn't cheap! It should be an interesting journey for me into the land of TRICARE Standard (neither myself nor our children are seen by Army doctors, but that's a story for another day.)

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, birthday. In true Amanda fashion, I need lottery winnings in order to afford the entirety of my birthday wish list. Hey, thats why it's called a "wish" list, right? 

Let's dive right in!

women's gift guide

one || Yellow Nikes || Who doesn't need a pair of yellow sneaks? Yeah, I don't know either. Put me down for one pair, size 8 please!

two || Diptyque candle || How ridiculous is the price tag on this candle??! I mean come. on. This candle line is raved about by TiffanyD on YouTube. So, when our Nordstrom started carrying the line, I went in to check them out... Holy awesome! Each and every candle smelled EXACTLY like what it claimed to. My favorite scent was this one, followed in a close second by this one.

three || Tiger Gemstone Earrings || These earrings are by the same ETSY shop that made my art deco eternity band from my new ring stack. These earrings are so beautiful and fancy looking yet affordable. Think this stay at home mom could pull them off for daily wear? I do!

*Tiger Gemstones is offering 10% off any order for Marry Mint readers! Just use promo code "MARRYMINT" at checkout! Click here to shop! *

four || Wildfox Graphic Sweater || I've been dreaming (gosh I'm funny) about having this sweater in my closet but don't because it is never goes on sale.... but it is on sale right NOW!!!!  Like nearly half off on sale!! What perfect timing, dontcha think? I may have to "happy birthday Amanda" this one to myself... ;) I just love this soft pink color and of course Wildfox sweaters are the most comfortable things on this planet.

five || Michael Kors wedges || Somewhere between my feet growing half a size during pregnancy and toddler chasing, my heel supply has dwindled to essentially nothing. But we WILL rebuild from this tragedy. Ha! Wedges are hands down my favorite type of heel to wear. Whether on a strap-y summer shoe or on a fall boot, wedges are just great. Lets start my new and improved heel collection with these (also happen to be on sale!!), yes?

six || Rodan & Fields "Reverse"  || Recently an old friend, who is a sales rep for Rodan & Fields reached out to me to introduce me to her product line. Ever the skincare junkie, I was intrigued! I poked around online, saw the price and kind of started hunting for cheaper alternatives. Then another friend told me she has started using Rodan & Fields skincare and was absolutely singing their praises! I mean their client testimonials and before/after images really can't be beat. My primary skin care issues are, dark under eye circles, hyper pigmentation, enlarged pores and obviously sun protection. Basically the entire Reverse regimen needs to be in my bathroom STAT!

seven || LV Neverfull GM || Of few things I'm certain of in life, but I am certain that I will not be getting this bag for my birthday, because...bills. BUT, I'm nothing if not persistent. So, this bag will stay on my wish list until it's on my shoulder. Sit back and enjoy seeing it hereon repeat. ;)

eight || MAC "Brick-O-La" || In the notes section on my phone, I literally keep a running list of lipstick shades I want. This one is on deck!

Well, now looking over this list, it seems what I really need is a Nordstrom gift card. Ha! What can I say, it's really the only department store we are working with up in these parts.

But for real, how excited are you about this collaboration happening at Nordstrom and ShopBop?!

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