08 June 2015

Our Weekend...

Phew! Long time no talk write! We have been super busy around these parts; between the kids, beautiful spring time in Alaska and working on the house, there hasn't been much time to come up for air. By the time the kids are in bed, we do whatever projects we can't do with the little people around or it's beer thirty! 

The big news around here is that we are getting ready to sell our house! Now, we weren't planning on listing our home this soon, but when the housing market says "now is the time" you listen! Our plan is to just move on post until we leave Alaska which hopefully won't be for a while. The house projects aren't unwelcome though since I LOVE decluttering! I'm not a pack rat by nature so getting rid of any excess stuff around the house just feels oh so good. Not to mention I seem to have what I call "reverse nesting." During my pregnancies I never had any crazy urge to organize or any of that, but as soon as the baby pops out I'm like "get rid of all the things!" 

You know there is a grandparent in town when your child's face is perpetually covered in some kind of sugary treat.

Anyway, my dad came into town this past Friday offering Kyle and I an extra set of hands (Hallelujah!), and probably to visit his grandkids. ;) So, on Saturday we took a little break from the house work and headed south to Seward! Normally the drive to Seward would take us just over 3 hours, but we had mentally prepared ourselves for something quite a bit longer. Between Mike's frequent feedings and hatred for his carseat and Mallory's need to vocalize her every wish and complaint, we anticipated a drive chalk full of screaming and pull offs. Thank heavens they proved us wrong! They needed to stop no more frequently than I needed to pee. PERFECT! We couldn't have asked for the drive itself to go any better. (That of course means we are totally screwed for our next day trip.)

Alaska Sea Life Center Seward

Alaska Sea Life Center Seward

Kyle and my dad had big fishing plans so the kids and I opted to forgo the cold and rainy conditions to hit the Alaska Sea Life Center instead! We have been to Seward several times but had not yet visited the Sea Life Center. Unacceptable! So, we dropped Kyle and dad at their fishing spot and went about our day.

Alaska Sea Life Center

I was particularly excited about visiting the Sea Life Center to watch Mallory explore and see all the different "shish" up close and personal. So. Much. FUN!  I loved how stopped to investigate each and every creature with such curiosity and enthusiasm. Of course, anything that lives in or swims in water is a "shish" but she was so proud to point all of them out. I'm quite enjoying this age--she is learning soooo much each and every day! It's amazing!

They had a coloring table set up at about the halfway point. Mallory is obsessed with drawing fish, so this was a big hit!

She was absolutely cracking me up watching this sea lion swim in circles. She would excitedly point and yell as he swam past her then cross her little arms and wait for him to come back by. Wonder where she's seen that pose before? hehe

Mike was particularly underwhelmed by the whole thing. 

The outdoor exhibits were covered in puddles due to the rain--Mallory was thrilled! To her, the puddles alone were worth the price of admission. 

Is any fun activity complete without a tantrum? Mallory doesn't think so.

Seward restaurant

After the Sea Life Center we walked the streets of old town in search of a lunch spot. We decided on Nellie's and let me tell you, Nellie did not disappoint! The restaurant itself was rustic and family friendly which is just the atmosphere we were looking for. Mallory had the freedom to play and run around until our food arrived giving me the ability to comfortably nurse Michael. The menu itself was Alaskan and extensive. I highly recommend Nellie's to anyone visiting Seward!

We spent the day Sunday working in the yard and soaking up the outstanding weather. We are convinced there is no better place in the world than Alaska during the spring and summer months. The weather is perfect, the sunlight is plentiful and the activities are endless!

What did you do this weekend?

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