01 June 2015

My Current Mom Uniform

neon v-neck t-shirt

blue mirrored aviators

women's reebok sneakers

women's reebok shoes

casual trendy mom clothes

shoes (sold out - LOVE these) || jeans || tee || lipstick (in 'melted melon') || necklace || sunglasses (c/o)

"Amanda, why have you not been posting as many outfit photos on instagram lately?" Oh, funny you should ask...it's because I've been wearing the same damn thing every. single. day! No kidding I have been wearing some variety of the above look everyday for the past two months and I don't hate it...

Let's talk this one out...

Messy bun, because is there anything else you can do with unwashed hair that may or may not have food/spit up in it?

My sheets may have urine on them, my daughter may have had popcorn for breakfast, and I can't remember the last time I showered, but I sure do have some lipstick on! #priorities

Colorful v-neck tee. Affordable and thus plentiful in my wardrobe. I have an embarrassing number of these babies in my closet because they are just so easy! The bright colors scream spring/summer and the loose fit screams lift me up in a hurry and breast feed! Why do I have so many you ask? Because my kids are gross, thats why! I kid you not I go through a minimum of 4 t-shirt changes each day in an effort to mitigate the spit up aroma or the instances of "what the hell is that on my shirt."

Distressed boyfriend jeans are trendy right? Well good because boyfriend jeans are all that seem to work on these postpartum hips of mine. I mean, what kind of sick joke is it that moms have to continue carrying excess pregnancy weight around after they deliver the baby?! I mean, shouldn't it just fall off without me actually having to try?! I think so.

Sneakers. Fight or flight mode? More like flight or dance mode around here! I'm serious, one minute I'm chasing toddler who is trying to flee the front yard and the next I'm giving the baby the ol' bounce/rock/sway shhh treatment. Can I do those things in anything but sneaks? No, no I can't. 

Can't forget sunglasses or "babies" as Mallory likes to call them. (When I put my sunglasses on her I say "cool baby" so now thats what she thinks they are called. I'm not correcting her because it's funny, ok?) Sunglasses are multifunctional for me...they protect me from the nearly 20 hours of sunlight we are getting right now, they offer me at least one stylish uniform accessory and they completely hide my under eye circles! Sunglasses for the win!

Clearly I'm over caffeinated. Happy Monday!


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