23 July 2015

Mallory Susan - 21 Month Update

It's been a hot minute since Mallory had her very own blog post. Truth be told, it's tough to put her "updates" in writing because so much changes every single day! We don't have to go to the pediatrician as frequently now that she's older, so the hard and fast stats are harder for me to regurgitate. But oh gosh! This age is just too good, PLUS in just a few short months we will be celebrating her second birthday! 

6 months vs. 21 months
weight || According to our scale at home Mally weighs 26.4 pounds. I think that's probably pretty accurate. 

diet || Mallory really is a great eater! She is willing to try anything and everything, to include dirt, rocks and dog food. ;) She definitely prefers savory foods to sweet foods which is great 99% of the time, until my efforts to bribe her with a cookie or candy fall short. Some of her favorite foods are: salmon, oatmeal, pizza, pasta, broccoli, lima beans, eggs, bacon, sausage, raisins, grapes, apples, cheese, etc. Just like every other aspect of toddlerhood, she certainly plays food hot and cold--one day she will inhale an entire filet of salmon, only to be repulsed by it a week later. I think she just likes to keep us guessing... Ha! Also, since her brother was born, she has been getting a few ounces of breastmilk everyday. Why not, right?

health || *Knocks on wood* We have just been so fortunate to not have many illnesses with Mallory during her first 21 months of life. Sure we've had a cold here and there or a stomach bug or two, but really just one ear infection! I'll take that!

loves || Being outside, her brother, baths, puzzles, balls, books, climbing, playing in water, doing things herself, her bedtime bottle, music, helping others, Schatzi & LT, feeding the dogs, stairs, being quizzed, Rafi, animals, slides, rocks, dirt, things on wheels, etc.    

loathes || Diaper changes, being put in her car seat, riding in shopping carts, Mike crying, being told she can't do something, being told what to do in general (so fun...), etc.

clothes || Mallory wears size 4 (occasionally size 5) diapers, size 5 shoes, 18 month pants and 24 month/2t shirts.

sleep || Oh the karma gods are getting me good in the sleep department with Miss Mallory! Just like her mama, she is such a light sleeper and really doesn't seem to require much sleep to function. The slightest sounds can interrupt her sleep. Lately she's been going to bed around 7:30-8pm and waking for the day between 5:30-6am. Her nighttime sleep was going quite well until we brought Mike home, now she wakes up a couple of times during the night again. :/ She usually takes a quick hour nap around noon or cat naps in the car as we errand hop. Her behavior seems essentially unaffected after nights of little sleep. (Her mom & dad should take notes!)

social || This may just be the most fun part of her age right now, witnessing her social skills change and develop! She has moved from playing alongside other kids to really engaging with them. We are lucky to have a couple of friends with children very close in age to Mallory, so she has lots of opportunity for interaction. I love watching her with her brother. Of course it isn't all sunshine and rainbows, but I just adore how she cares for him so deeply! What's also interesting is noticing the situations that make her uncomfortable or shy. She definitely takes a few minutes to warm up when we are in more social settings. She needs to sit back an watch for a little while, get her bearings, then she's ready to dive into the mix!

milestones || Mallory is able to string 3-4 word sentences together and can almost always effectively communicate her wants and needs to us. Of course there are a few rogue words that we have no freaking clue what they are, but she is able to get her point across 95% of the time. It seems she is learning new words and concepts daily which is totally insane! She is capable of following 2 step instructions (when she wants to) and as I mentioned earlier, she LOVES to help us do things. We are now starting to see a little of pretend play working its way into her activities. Interesting to say the very least... I would have to say that Mallory's favorite activity of the moment though is testing her boundaries with me and Kyle. Lord have mercy! Kyle is still trying to figure out why his "dad voice" isn't always effective--short answer; she doesn't always care!

You want me to what?!

And finally, a short little list of some things Mallory uses on a daily basis...

toddler essentials
one || two || three || four || five || six || seven || eight || nine || ten

Now, I feel like I could write for days about our little girl. I had no idea that when she came into our lives 21 months ago that my love for her would grow in intensity and depth each and every day. She has such an awesome sense of humor,  bold confidence and kind heart that makes her someone I quite admire. Before I really take off on the sappy, emotional train, I will just leave it at this...

Your dad and I love you kid!

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