22 July 2015

Michael Robert - 3 Months Old

 I'm happy to report that we have finally found our groove and have settled nicely into a routine... Baaaaaa!! Just kidding! Each day is a total shit show where I just wake up and have no idea what is in store for me that day. Most of the chaos is due to Mallory's incessant boundary testing, but Michael isn't afraid to get a little wild himself. ;) The good news is, we thrive on chaos in this house and probably couldn't be any happier. Ok, Kyle may appreciate a little more calm when he gets home stupid late from work, but who asked him anyway? ;) I've learned so much about myself since becoming a mom of two -- I'll have to tell you about it someday soon, but today Mike has the spotlight. Our sweet boy is THREE months old!!

Here is what's going on in his world...

three month old baby boy

Weight || I'm not sure. He didn't have an appointment with his pediatrician this month (well, at least I hope he didn't...) Based on his diaper/clothing size I'm gonna say he's grown a good bit. ;)

Diet || Breast milk. Except for the one bottle of cow's milk that Kyle gave him saying "it looked like boob juice! My bad." *insert wide eyed emoji here*

three month old baby boy

Health || Nothing exciting to report in the health department. Although I did notice a little cradle cap the other day, does that count? 

three month old baby boy

Loves || Ceiling fans, lights, baths, being in his Ergo (except for when I need him to be in his Ergo), noise, peeing all over everything, his paci, Mallory, farting noises, being tickled and not wearing a diaper.

Loathes || I can't really put my finger on anything specific this month. He really is an easy going dude! It's almost as though he rewards us for our efforts. For example, if he is pissed off and crying because he wants his diaper changed but I start singing to him because I'm clueless--he'll settle down anyway. Like "Well Mom, you tried. Good enough." He doesn't particularly like it when Mallory body slams him, smacks his head or twists his toes while he's in the car seat...

three month old baby boy

Clothes || Mike is wearing size 2 diapers and 3 month clothing. He could probably go up a size in diapers and does have some 3-6 month clothing pieces in his rotation already. 

Baby Gear || Still not much has changed since his one month update but I suspect the super simple gear days are numbered.

three month old baby boy

Sleep || Mike is a really good sleeper! (Compared to Mallory, who isn't?!) He takes a two hour nap in the morning then takes a sprinkling of hour long naps for the rest of the day until he is ready for bed around 8pm. When he goes to sleep at 8pm he sleeps for a solid 4 ish hours straight! Like Mallory did, Michael co-sleeps and during that first stretch of sleep he really doesn't care where he is, as long as he's asleep! This almost makes me sad...almost. No really, I love co-sleeping with our little ones!

three month old baby boy

Social/Milestones || He is like a real baby now!! Ah I just can't get enough of his sweet little voice and his huge mouthy smile. Michael has a little sense of humor that is all his own and sure does love to watch his sister. I'm so excited to be finally getting to know his personality a bit more! He is rolling over and does a pretty decent job of controlling his head. Mike spends a decent amount of time each day trying to get his fist in his mouth. Consequently, I spend a decent amount of time each day giggling at his efforts. :)

Aaaaand, I think that's about it! Hope your week is going well so far. :)

You can compare notes and check out Mallory's 3 month update here!

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