08 July 2015

Houston we have a runner!

It would seem that Mallory has assumed the role of being our resident flight risk. It used to be LT, but apparently she has passed the reigns to our eldest child. Mallory, not short on curiosity or confidence has required me to have a little more pep in my step lately. I need to be able to dart down a shopping aisle at Target or into oncoming traffic with little notice, likely while carrying a baby. This means... I need more shoes!

Not following that logic? Kyle didn't either. What I'm trying to say is, having a child who refuses to hold my hand means mama needs to build her sneaker collection. Get it? ;)

Here's what I'm thinking...
women's sneakers

one || two || three || four || five
six || seven || eight || nine || ten

My goal is to have a solid pair of sneakers to go with any outfit. I think each pair on this list are fun, versatile and trendy while still being functional. So, here's to chasing a fleeing toddler who listens approximately 0% of the time...cheers!

Which pair are your favorite?

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