13 July 2015

Our Weekend...

Happy Monday! I hope you had a fantastic weekend and got outside! We had pretty fantastic weather up here and were thrilled to get out and enjoy it. :) 

A little recap of our weekend if you will... Starting of course with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I know you've seen a billion shopping guides for this sale, so I won't bore you with mine, but instead share what I've purchased...so far. ;) 

The leggings in the photo aren't the exact ones I purchased. I got the Zella high waisted ones that are solid black but they have already sold out! Which is yet another reason I'm thankful to have a Nordstrom debit card this year to take advantage of shopping the anniversary sale early. (I just have the debit card.) I do have an alterations reimbursement and a note headed my way from Nordstrom so the Anniversary Sale purchases may not me over for me just yet. ;)

Friday we kept things super low key which was amazing! We finally had a break in the home showings so we just spent the day playing outside and wandering around downtown Palmer. Every Friday in the summer Palmer has the "Friday Fling." It's a small farmers market type event with a couple of food vendors and live music. I'm embarrassed to say that even though we live just around the corner, it was our first time going this year. :/ Mallory really enjoyed it! The best part though was when Mike decided he needed to eat and we parked ourselves in a garden! Mal is really into "flaffles" (flowers) and loves to blow on them (smell them.) Another mom had a similar idea with her twin boys who were very close in age to Mallory--impromptu playdate anyone?! Mal didn't make it out of the parking lot before falling asleep! Friday night success!

Despite the pleasant look on Mike's face, Saturday morning was a complete rat race! We had multiple showings on the books and the kids were conspiring to ensure nothing was cleaned. By the time we finally made it out of the house, with 5 minutes to spare, Mallory only had on a diaper and my purse was fresh out of diapers, wipes and spare clothing for the kids. I'm calling it a win though because the house was presentable and we were crashing a friends house who had diapers to spare! Phew! 

Once the showing were over, we dropped the dogs off at the house and headed straight back to downtown Palmer for the Midsummer Garden and Art Faire! Unlike Friday Fling, this is only a one time per summer event so I really wanted to make sure we stopped by!

Ah such a great, small town vibe at this event! There was a good variety of local businesses with tents set up as well as quite a few food truck options. Score, because you know I wasn't about to cook dinner that night. ;)

I loved being able to park the stroller on the side of a little hill, throw down a blanket at set up shop. We ate, listened to live music and watched Mally play. Does a Saturday night get much better than that?

Oh wait! It did because when we got home, the kids BOTH went to sleep within and hour of each other!! I painted my nails, did a little beauty maintenance, had a beer and got to watch TV. Wild I tell ya, WILD!

Sunday is quite possibly my favorite day of the week. No appointments. No pressing errands. Life just seems to slow down and I love that! We spent the day getting the house back in order and playing outside. Seriously, each day with Mallory seems to bring something new. She is learning so so much right now and it is a pleasure to participate in. 

She has been totally obsessed with her new wagon and has really enjoyed going for rides around the neighborhood. Sunday though, she decided she wanted to "awk" her self and boy did she have an agenda! She insisted on wearing her snow boots and I quickly saw why--home girl wanted to explore and collect every rock and flower in sight!

The walk took forever and we really didn't make it very far, but oh the sweet joy of watching my daughter learn and grow.

Ooops, sorry! That one got a little sappy on you. How much longer can I blame postpartum hormones for the crazy? 

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