16 July 2015

Recent Beauty Favorites

Lately my beauty "routine" has been more hurried than ever. In fact, I've just about mastered applying everything with just one hand! The rushed, paired down makeup situation has nothing to do with being busy trying to sell the house, or even with having two kids--the issue is Mallory. Good lord that child gets into EVERYTHING lately! Seriously, a one man wrecking crew. She seems to go particularly buck wild in my make-up drawers/bathroom. The best solution I've come up with so far is to simply hold her while I'm getting ready. Sounds fun, right? No. No, it's not. 

What was I really going to talking about? Oh! Beauty products. Anyway, just because getting ready has become a little more chaotic doesn't mean I haven't still enjoyed trying new products. (Even if it means using them after Mallory has gone to bed for the night. Ha! Hey, this stuff is just supposed to be fun, right?)

Now, on to the goods!!

dr. marvey nail it

 Dr. MarVey "Nail It" || I literally stumbled upon this stuff by happenstance at our PX. I wasn't even looking for nail stuff, swear! Anyway, it claims to offer the hardness of artificial nails without the damage. It can be used on its own or as the base coat for a regular nail color. The price was right so this baby made its way into my shopping cart. After using this stuff several times, I can safely say I won't be doing my nails without it anytime soon! It gives me at least two additional days when I use it with regular polish and makes my nails look so healthy and strong on its own. I'd never heard of this brand until now, so I went online and poked around...so many things I want to try!

borghese blush review

Borghese Eclissare ColorRise Blush in "Flight" || This is 10000% not a blush shade I would reach for at the beauty counter. So when I got it in the mail I kind of just pushed it to the side and forgot about it. That is until one morning we were running late and I was doing the "toss my quick and easy make up in my purse on the way out the door to do in the car" number. I saw this and thought "hmm bronzer/cheek color in one? Coming with me!" It wasn't until I caught a glimpse of my face in the mirror later in the day that I was intrigued. I think it totally works on my fair skin! I don't contour when I wear it or anything like that, just a dab on the cheeks, forehead and nose -- done! Plus, the little shimmer effect it has it perfect for summer and just makes you look awake and alive!

benefit eye bright pencil review

 Benefit Eye Bright Pencil (on sale!!!!) || Speaking of awake and alive...My goodness! So, I ran out of this recently and took a few weeks to replace it... I seriously feel for anyone who saw my mug during those weeks without--woof! Never again will I wait until its gone to purchase a new one. This stuff is just mandatory for me, plain and simple. I apply this to the inner and outer corner of my eyes then blend it out with my finger. Bam! Fake awake.

kate somerville lip treatment

 Kate Somerville Quench and Correct Lip Treatment || Admittedly, I've only had this lip product for a couple of weeks, but I've been using it so regularly that I figured it was ok to include. Is this something you like have to run out and buy right away? No. Is it going to totally change your life? No. However, it is a no fuss, effective product. It isn't a lip moisturizer that I feel like I need to apply 9000 times a day. I apply it once at night then forget about it. It's easy and it makes my lips feel great!

mac lipstick "pink plaid"

 MAC Lipstick in "Pink Plaid" || This lip color has been all up on my Instagram ever since I got it. It is quite possibly my new favorite. Pink Plaid is one of MAC's matte formulas, but not Ruby Woo style in that it isn't super drying. It seems to stay put on my lips and goes with just about everything. I think this is the perfect, cool toned, every day, pink lip stick!

cover girl super sizer review

cover girl super sizer review

Cover Girl Super Sizer Mascara || Normally I'm a waterproof mascara kind of girl. I guess I have oily eyelids or something because regular mascara seems to find my underage area in a hurry! Lately though I've been trying to be a little easier on my lashes since I'm using a DIY eyelash serum. (Random, I know.) This wand is so cool! It allows you to apply a decent amount of product to the lash line and corners without being messy. I'm also amazed with how the formula wears. It wears like waterproof mascara but comes off like a regular formula would. Thats a win/win in my book!

Ok, that's all I've got! What have you tried and loved recently? 

disclosure : I received both the blush and mascara free of charge. A review was not asked for nor expected. As always, all opinions are honest and my own. 

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