25 August 2015

If It Ain't Broke...

louis vuitton modshots

platinum blonde curly hair

keyhole tee

louis vuitton speedy b 35

nike pre-montreal

nike pre-montreal

Remember how I said I find what I like, then buy it in every color? Yeahhhhh. That's been the story with these t-shirts by Cara Loren. These are easily the softest, most comfortable boyfriend tees on the block! The shirt that started it all for me was this lipstick tee you've seen me wear on Instagram. I patiently waited for WEEKS for it to be back in stock and when it finally was I ordered immediately! I paid no attention to the fact that it was oversized and just scurried to checkout. Well, when she says "oversized boyfriend tee" Cara isn't playing'. It's like OVER-sized! So, my lipstick tee is usually worn knotted at the bottom, which is still totally cute! Anyway, I loved the material and fit so much that when she launched her new line of t-shirts, I was on it like white on rice and picked up two more! (This one in size medium and this one in a small.)

Then of course there are the Nikes.  I had been in the market for another pair of black sneaks for a hot minute and these were decently discounted during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale! (They are actually on sale again right now!!!) I don't know what it is about black sneakers, but they just seem to work with any outfit!

You know what is missing in my closet right now? A light wash denim jacket. I love this darker one that I got in a Stitch Fix a while back, but I definitely need one a lighter color. The lighter denim is more versatile I think. Right? Can you point me in the right direction?

Oh. White jeans with a toddler and baby? #stupid

jacket || Stitch Fix
t-shirt || Cara Loren
pants || The Limited
shoes || Nike (on sale now!!) 
handbag || Louis Vuitton
lipstick || MAC "pink plaid"
nails || RATCHET as hell (is that what the cool kids are saying these days?)

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