14 August 2015

Friday Stuff & Thangs

Friday! Thank goodness you're here! Phew, this week felt loooonnnnng. I blame Kyle. He went back to work after being off for over two weeks and lets just say, Mama struggled to find her solo parenting groove. The house is trashed, the yard is only halfway mowed, laundry back wayyy up, but we are all alive, so cheers to that!

The good news is, my sister is visiting for a couple of weeks! I love having her here--she's funny, laid back and awesome with my kids. Every time someone visits us up here, whether it's for the first time or not, I think how insanely cool it is that we get to make memories with our loved ones in ALASKA.  Maybe it's the whole home selling process that's getting me all sentimental/emotional, but I can't believe we eventually have to leave this place...

Did you catch Justin's story earlier this week on The Small Things Blog? Ah-MAZING! I think Justin was so graceful and genuine in sharing his story. I know they have helped so many people with this video already--maybe it will inspire even more people to open up! Huge internet props to Justin and Kate for making the decision to share something so personal.


Ok, please tell me you've tried on Target's jeans recently. I was in Target a couple of days ago and saw those glorious red sale signs. 40% off all jeans!! That was certainly enough for me to whip my shopping cart off the white tile and onto the carpet. Immediately I noticed washes of denim that I'd never seen in Target before. I grabbed a few favorites and bee-lined it to the fitting rooms. GLORIOUS! They fit true to size and seriously felt as though they came from the sales floor at Nordstrom. Target has stepped up their denim game people! (Jeans for the whole family are still 40% off until the 16th!! Get yours here!)

These are the ones I already picked up.

But I'm pretty sure I need to order these...

Yeah, these too.

While I'm talking about clothes, have you seen the tee shirts on ASOS? Gimme them all! I'm guilty of forgetting about ASOS -- then I randomly browse their site and call myself a fool. Ah so good right now! Ever a fan of the graphic tee, the t-shirt section was my first online stop during a late night feeding this week. Add to bag, add to bag, add to bag, add to bag!

Umm, I think that's all I wanted to share today. Oh! No it's not. Friendly PSA-- I started a modified version of the 21 day sugar detox this week (modified because #breastfeeding) so if I turn into a raging bitch, you know why. Wish me luck! (And Kyle, may the odds be ever in your favor.)

Have an awesome weekend! 

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