31 August 2015

Let's Chat

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was amazing. 

We are scheduled to close on this house and move on post next week! Eeeek! So, because we are in full blown move prep over here, I figured I would just word vomit all over the place today. Cool? Cool. 

Towards the end of last week, my sister had to go back home. She was up here for over two weeks and it was amazing! Mally absolutely thought my sister hung the moon and I enjoyed having someone to talk to whose diaper I didn't have to change. It majorly sucked to see her go. I don't dislike much about Alaska, but it's general proximity to my family...not cool man.

aunts are the best

One of the many perks of having my sister here was that she helped me and Kyle did a little "hip maintenance" or "update our cool" if you will. ;) Apparently, being married and adding a kid or two has caused us to slip a bit. She filled us in on some current slang terms (hysterical and stupid), brought us up to speed on pop culture, etc. BUT, my biggest takeaway from the school of cool was this appA GIF APP?! Get out of town!! I literally don't even type words anymore. Anything and everything I could ever want to say can be accomplished with a gif or two. Be honest, how late the party am I on this one?


You know what else is cool? This farmhouse bench & table. Kyle has been itching to re-do the kitchen table he made for us a couple of years back and I'm thinking he is going to have Chanity's husband to thank for the design inspiration. ;) I think I would have him stain the top to match our entertainment center... Oh man! Now I'm all hot and bothered thinking about this redesign! 

rustic bench

Mallory is really something else. She is a lot like me and Kyle are with regard to our social *ahem* skills. Mallory has always been the kid who likes to take a second to watch before joining in to a new situation. Not shy, but not "outgoing" either. Kyle got to witness this first hand over the weekend when he had her at the playground while I made a quick Target run. He said after about 20 minutes Mally and these two girls started running/chasing each other and playing together...all was well until the older girl picked Mally up and put her in her lap to go down the slide together. Kyle said the look on her face was hysterical--she like froze and shot Kyle the stink eye. As soon as her awkward slide ride was over Mallory booked it to Kyle to be rescued. She certainly isn't this awkward with people she knows. But she has to know know them to really let loose.  Introverts for life!

toddler play dates

toddler play dates

toddler play dates

toddler play dates

toddler play dates

You know what's sad about moving? No, not that I'm leaving the house brought my babies home to. No, not that it is the first home Kyle and I owned. Not even the fact that we never intended to sell this house in the first place, but the market told us we had to. It's sad that for at least the next week I have to not make any online purchases lest they get lost in the mail... That right there is tragic! Although, Shopbop does have wicked fast shipping and this sweater on sale sooooooo...

Ok so fall. Yeah, not ready! I mean, sure, I love fall clothing and colors more than any other seasons', but if it's fall already, that means our last summer in Alaska has come to an end and that is just plain unacceptable! I have never enjoyed summer time other than when it meant I didn't have to go to school for a few months. The sun, the anxiety that comes with the sun, the heat and the bitchiness that comes the with heat. YUCK! In Alaska, summer is just different. Yes there is sooo much daylight, but a super low UV index. It gets warm, but never really hot. It's just the best and I know I've talked about this before...which means I'm serious about it! ;) If you ever visit Alaska, do it in the summer and just go ahead and bring all of your stuff because you'll never want to leave. 

Alright. That's it. Gotta run tend to the fussy baby and wipe yogurt off the wall. 

Over and out!

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