17 August 2015

My Favorite Nail Colors For Summer

Today I'm continuing the whole nail theme from last Monday (because we were lame this weekend too -- I blame the weather) and sharing my top 5 nail colors for summer. Honestly, I'm in complete denial that fall is just around the corner. HOW?! I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet. :( It's our last one in Alaska and I feel like it went by entirely too fast. Never did I EVER think I would enjoy summer--I hate being hot and of course, the sun kind of stresses me out. But in Alaska, summertime is 100% pure perfection. Endless amounts of daylight, comfortable temperatures, more activities than you could ever dream of...it's just amazing!

Won't you hang on to summer a bit longer with me and rock one of these five awesome polishes?

bright nail colors

I'm not doing the whole ice truck killer thing this time, but I tried to find photos where you could clearly see me wearing this color. You're welcome. ;) 

Let's do it!

best summer colors

fancy fuchsia by orly
"Fancy Fuchsia" by Orly
minimalistic by essie
"Minimalistic" by Essie

hot shot by orly
Accent nail is "Hot Shot" by Orly.

summer nail polish colors

Ha! You didn't actually think I could narrow this down to just five colors did you? I mean, lets be realistic.. I'm going to give you a favorite polish aaaand runner up for each color. 

best summer nail polish colors

white on by sally hansen
"White On" by Sally Hansen

lollipop by essie
"Lollipop" by Essie

dream on by sinful colors
"Dream On" by Sinful Colors

Aaaaaaand a bonus color, because that's how much I struggled to narrow this baby down. #sorryimnotsorry

best black nail polish

bonus shade || "Liquid Vinyl" by Orly

liquid vinyl by orly
"Liquid Vinyl" by Orly

What has your go-to polish been this summer?
Are you ready to say sayonara to summer?

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