22 August 2015

Our First Time

Ha! I bet your mind went someplace else with that title, didn't it? ;) Today I'm talking about our first experience with diaper rash--a sort of rite of passage in parenthood, amiright? (Too much? Ha! I  clearly haven't had my coffee yet...)

It seemed like my oldest, Mallory came home from the hospital with a diaper rash! Ok, it may not have been THAT fast, but she did get her first diaper rash much sooner than I’d ever imagined. One day, just a week or so after we brought our brand new baby home from the hospital, I noticed what I thought was a scratch on her bottom. After calling every adult in the house to the changing table to take a peek, we decided to take the “wait and see” approach. The next day she seemed to have more “scratches” on her bottom. Don’t worry, we finally caught on… it was diaper rash! 
To be honest, I felt like it was my fault. I thought maybe I wasn’t changing her as often as I needed to or getting her as clean as I should. I blamed myself. Add the guilt of thinking I caused my newborn great discomfort on top of those intense postpartum hormones… not pretty. 
It took a little reality check from my own mom to get my emotions back in check. She asked, “Is Mallory fussy? Does she seem uncomfortable?” The answer was no. (Although she has since had a severely uncomfortable diaper rash or two and she is nearly 2 years old.) To which my mom replied, “Well, let’s just take care of it then.” 

Enter Desitin. We purchased the Maximum Strength Original Paste because my mom said that is what worked the best and fastest for me and my sisters when we were little. That of course made me cry again–I will be using the same diaper cream on my daughter that my mom rubbed on my butt 20 something years ago. Those hormones were really something!

Sure enough, within 24 hours Mallory’s rash was gone. Like, gone gone. Without a trace! All I did during each diaper change was; clean her bottom, if she was happy I’d let her kick around diaper-less for a bit, coat her booty with Desitin then put a clean diaper on. So, so simple! 

Now that I’m rolling two kids deep and have had some experience with diaper rash, what advice do I have for new moms? Try to reign in your emotions. Sometimes diaper rash just happens! Whether your baby is 1 week old or 3 years old, seeing them uncomfortable is tough. As moms we can’t always “fix it,” but when it comes to diaper rash we can! Go with what you know works, and for me that’s Desitin!

This is a sponsored post. The DESITIN® Brand compensated Amanda to be a guest author on the DESITIN® Tumblr. 

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