02 September 2015

Call of the Wild

Because I'm struggling to feel good about summer's departure (which is happening at lightening speed up here in Alaska) let's call on a little retail therapy to cure my seasonal woes. I know animal prints are supposed to be a neutral but something about them makes me think of cooler weather and more vampy looks. I think my Instagram sufficiently confirms that I have an affinity for shoes in leopard print.  But while I was shopping for a crib sheet for Mike's room I discovered this cow print (his room will have a rustic/animal theme) and thought to myself "hmmm this sort of works as a 'neutral' too!" I know I know, this isn't new information to the fashionistas but I'm usually a day late on things like this. This is exciting stuff for me! Not that cow print needs to be front and center in my wardrobe, perhaps it's time to incorporate a few more animal print pieces!

Check it out...

animal print fashion

one || two || three || four || five || six || seven || eight || nine 

All of those pieces are totally doable, right?! Ok, maybe the booties are a bit of a stretch for my current lifestyle, but a fun staple to have for the future. The animal print tops have to sufficiently camouflage spit up and those earrings--so fun and unexpected! We all know it never hurt me to buy another pair of sneakers and those really don't have the painful price point that typically comes with animal printed kicks. Either [or both;)] the clutch or coin purse would be a killer complement to my fancy schmancy new bag

Just a few more days until we have a stable address for my online shopping habit...

What say you? Animal prints as a neutral that leans a little fall or nah?

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