21 September 2015

The look that "cheap" built

I've been slowly (emphasis on sssslllloooowwwwly) working on a wardrobe makeover of sorts. Working to purchase more classic, investment type pieces instead of collecting a bunch of lower quality or "trendy" things. Quickly I've noticed that other than budgeting and planning, there is another caveat to this plan of mine--I'm kind of rough on clothes. (Sorry 'bout that Mom! I totally get what you were always getting after me about now. Always having to throw clothes of mine away... ERRRRR!) 

Shoes, no matter the type, cost or quality, I can't make them last longer than a year or two. I don't know if I walk funny or just do exceptionally random, shoe damaging activities but my shoes just can't hang. Boots especially aren't up to the task. Year after year I purchase spendy ridding boots for fall and winter then when I go to pull them out the following year they look horrendous! Certainly, I'm not going to purchase shoes that I don't want to get dirty because they are super expensive or shoes that I can't play with my kids in... Discounted/knock off shoes for me it is! You know, generally speaking of course. ;)

Basic tops. Girl, I sweat! Like hardcore. No matter what, I can count on my shirts needing to be tossed due to dingy looking armpit stains. (Sorry if that's a little TMI but it's the truth!) So, the tops that are directly touching my body will also be lower quality and/or cost. The investment "tops" for me will be second layer pieces like vests, blazers, jackets, etc. 

Pants. I will eventually get to a place where jeans become an investment worthy item, but right now, they aren't. Why not? I literally wear jeans daily! Because I'm still loosing weight from having babies and discovering what fit/cut/style of pants are most flattering on my new mom body. Until I reach a weight that I'm happy with and want to maintain I'll be shopping for bargain britches.

Handbags. Ha! GOTCHA. I'll totally drop some cash on a good handbag! ;)

Sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge to look stylish on a budget. (Where my "champagne taste on a beer budget" ladies at?!) I like to do the shopping leg work online. It is easy to browse and compare save vs. splurge items online than in store. This is especially true when we are talking about sifting through the racks at Forever21, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Burlington Coat Factory, etc. #insanity! 
Once I have a few items in my head, then I hit the stores to try things on a see how they look in person. Don't you think some less expensive pieces just look better than others? Like "oh that shirt is definitely from Wal-Mart" versus "you only paid how much for that top?! It looks like it's from Banana Republic!" You feel me?

Anyway, on to the look that cheap built...

boots || Burlington Coat Factory $19.99 (similar)
jeans || Target - not online (these also from Target are nearly identical) (Oh! Don't EVER pay full price at Target, especially for jeans. They legit go on sale ALL. THE. TIME.)
lipstick || Lime Crime in "red velvet" (but I don't purchase Lime Crime anymore due to their whole corporate corruption thing--get MAC's "ruby woo" instead)
sunglasses || Target

Are there any items that you just can't/don't spend a lot on?

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