14 September 2015

What's what

An entire week has come and gone since I last showed my face around these parts. I don’t think that’s happened in the history of this blog! I swear it was a conspiracy. First, the whole move thing was scheduled to happen. You know, pack then clean, relocate, clean again, then unpack. Well, in true Army fashion, Kyle randomly had to go out of town. That’s right, Kyle has missed every ounce of this moving party! How many people can say they’ve purchased AND sold a home without being present for any of it? Kyle can! (Don’t worry, revenge will be swift and it will be sweet. ;)) 

As though a solo move with two under two wasn’t enough to keep me away from my computer, the Wi-Fi card on my desktop decided this wasn’t the life it wanted and crapped out on me. Sooo here we are, after a week of silence with only a few Instagram snaps to show for it. Lets catch up shall we? 

Here’s what things are currently looking like on my end…

Eating :: Mal’s leftover spinach pasta because my life is super glamorous.

Reading :: Our housing agreement and the 70965 pages that came with it. Man, living on post is like rules, on rules on rules! What do you mean I can’t check the mail in the nude or allow my dogs and toddler to host a WWE smackdown in our living room after 10pm?

Cooking :: Cooking? Anything that goes “ time cook, 4, 5, start” or can be expressed from my breasts. 

Drinking :: Coffee all day everyday with a sip of Pelligrino thrown in on occasion for hydration purposes only.

Making :: Progress. Ordinarily, I’m the kind of person who can’t sleep until every box is unpacked and it’s contents appropriately put away, but this move has been a whole different animal! The kids are less interested in the house being in order and more interested in being outside. But finally, after being in the new house for three days I have all boxes unpacked! Woo hoo!! Now I just need to get things on the walls and we can really call this place home.

Needing :: A Xanax. Kidding! Kind of… Mallory has decided that she literally can’t speak unless it is done in the form of a whine. No. No no no NO! Mama can’t handle whining. Scream, yell, hit, interpretive dance—I don’t care, just for the love of all things holy DO NOT WHINE! Whining sucks.

Wondering :: When Kyle’s flight arrives so I can punch my time card somethin’ fierce! I mean… so I can spend time with my sweet husband.

Feeling :: Grateful. Even though things have been a little nuts around here, it’s a good kind of crazy. We have a damn good life and for that I’m so so grateful.

Enjoying :: All of the playgrounds we now have right around the corner! I can legit get the wifi from my house at two of the playgrounds in our new neighborhood! Now that’s living! ;)

Wearing :: Leggings, slippers and an oversized t-shirt. It’s full on fall up here now which means it’s down right chilly!

Wanting :: Everything at Nordstrom Rack. Seriously, ever since the Anchorage store opened, it’s the only shopping spot I can think about. (Ok, I can't resist -- this necklace (I've been really digging the whole layered look lately), this top (because there is no such things too much plaid), and this sweater (winter is upon us!)

Hearing :: That music setting from Mikey’s swing. There are worse sounds...like WHINING! 

What about you? What is your life lookin' like?

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