29 October 2015

When Childcare Means Heels...

Boots || Target
Jeans || Vigoss
Handbag || Louis Vuitton
Sweater || Old Navy (on sale!!)
Tassel Necklace || Bauble Bar
Small Necklace || Tiny Tags
Watch || Michael Kors
Lipstick || MAC "Rebel"

We have some pretty awesome things going on in our house lately! We have had rapid fire visitors ever since we moved into our home on post, which we LOVE! As much as I love living in Alaska, I don't love living far away from our family and friends. Like all things in the military, it's only temporary and we know our days here are numbered, so we prefer to see things through rose colored glasses. Anyway, where was a going with this? Oh! Visitors. Well, one of our visitors fell so in love with Alaska that she decided to stay!! My sister Mary Anna will be living with us for the remainder of our time here! YESSSSSS! Day to day conversations with someone whose butt I don't have to wipe?! EEK! One of the many perks of her living with us is the return of date nights! Kyle and I have never used a sitter for our kids, only ever leaving them with family or one of our closest friends, so this is huge! (Not that Kyle is home on nights and weekends to actually go on dates, but we can dream, right? I mean, its at least an option now...) I can almost hear my sneakers and flats rejoicing from my closet as they won't be pulling quite as many overtime shifts. The heeled, less toddler chasing friendly shoes are back in business!

I'd been eyeballing' these ankle boots from Target for quite some time. They are the perfect cognac shade that seems to go with any look and their heel height is perfect for flares! (Thank goodness flares are finally back in style btw.) If you are considering these or any other boots from Target, today is your lucky day because they are 40% off via Cartwheel!

RUN, don't walk...

28 October 2015

October Beauty Review

How is October almost over?! I feel like this month has just flown by! I mean, it's already been nearly two months since we moved! Insanity! But, with the end of this month comes Halloween with is extra exciting this year thanks to Mallory. She is at a point in which she enjoys things that deviate from her normal day to day life. We did a little trick or treating practice run last week at the PX and she was too cute! Strutting around in her little koala costume acting like she had been preparing to trick or treat her whole life. She was so proud to be carrying around her own pumpkin with actual things in it. (Not that she actually ate an entire piece of candy since she doesn't love sweets---she sure did sample each one...then tossed it back in her pumpkin.) We are so excited for the real deal this weekend!

The end of this month also means it's time for another beauty review!! Eeek! I just love these posts. :)

beauty product reviews

This month I feel like I got out there and really experimented! I purchased beauty products that aren't ordinarily on my radar which is exciting. 

Here's what I got...

makeup reviews

Fortifying Protein Hair Mask by Arvazallia || Although I'm a loyal user of the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque, I'm always on the prowl for something that can achieve similar results without the steep price tag. This mask was my latest experiment and I've been quite pleased! It is infused with argan and macadamia oil to repair, restore and strengthen your hair. Personally, I enjoy the smell of this mask more than the deep repair masque! The application instructions are a bit different in that it calls for you to apply the mask to towel dried hair, comb, leave in for 7 ish minutes then rinse. Ehhh...That's a bit much. I either do mine in the shower or use it as a styling balm and wash it out with my next shower. Getting in and out of the shower for a mask? Ain't gonna happen! I've been using this mask 2-3 times per week and my hair feels amazing! If your in the market for a good hair mask, definitely give this one a test drive!

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Body Lotion || Have you ever met a scent that you literally want to stick up your nose so you can smell it all day long? No? Just me? Oh well... I grabbed the sample size of this body butter in the "you didn't plan on buying this but you're going to" section at Ulta a couple of weeks ago and I can NOT quit it! Honestly, I used the entire sample in less than a week before I purchased the full size. I'm not even a lotion person! Seriously, it's that good!
Buxom Lip Polish in 'Erin || Another "branching out" purchase right here! Ordinarily, I'm a matte lips kinda gal and I'd never tried anything by Buxom, so this is a double whammy! Lately I've been really into the glossy, full lip look and have heard rave reviews about Buxom glosses. It took me a while to pull the trigger because their color selection is so expansive, I had a tough time deciding what I would get the most use out of. I went with the shade "Erin" because of its beautiful pale pink hue and subtle (not sparkly) iridescence. LOVE. IT. Not only is the color extremely wearable but the formulation is amazing. I love the cooling effect the slight pepermint flavor gives as well as its staying power. Definitely not sticky or goopy, just good. Highly, highly recommend! I'm getting this one next!

Lavanila deodorant in the vanilla coconut scent || Ok, you know I pretty much take everything Tiffany D on YouTube says as gospel, right? Well, over the years she has sang the praises of this "healthy" deodorant, in this scent in particular. So when my armpits got this crazy itchy rash situation, I figured it was time to try out a more simple deodorant in order to spare the general public my best ape underarm scratching impression... Umm, no. NO! By mid afternoon on the first day I used this I smelled like a construction worker. Like, nasty! Tiffany always said that you have to use it for a while in order for it to work, so I tried to muscle through. By day four I was starting to feel sorry for my son as his meals are served pretty damn close to my armpits... I think I'd rather have itchy armpits than stinky ones. (How was THAT for a poetic overshare of a beauty product review? Ha!)

Pixi Correction Concentrate in Brightening Peach || I got this corrector from Target in an attempt to replace my beloved Bobbi Brown corrector for less. (Read: I'm a cheap ass!) Just no. There aren't many color options in the line so it doesn't match my skin tone as seamlessly and literally lasts five minutes before my dark circles are front and center again. For $10 more, I'll stick with my Bobbi Brown...

Too Faced Primed & Poreless || One of the things I've learned over the past couple of years is that a good finishing powder makes a world of difference in my makeup! It is the final touch that takes your makeup look from nice to flawless. One of my chief personal skin care complaints is prominent pores around my nose and chin. "Poreless?" Sign me up! They say this pressed powder can also be used as a primer, but I haven't tried that yet. I've been keeping this in my purse for touchups on the go. Is this a game changer? No. Do I think I wasted my money? No. Will I repurchase? Probably not. It works fine, but just isn't amazing enough to justify the price tag. I think this HD Translucent Powder by ELF works just as well for a fraction of the price.

diptyque candle review

Oh! Since you can sort of see them in these photos, I wanted to mention Diptyque candles really quick. Lets just agree that everything Diptyque sells is stttooooopid expensive! Stupid. Ok. Despite being drawn to "Vanille" the first candle I purchased was in the scent "Baies," their best seller. I really enjoyed it but quickly learned that it should only be burned for 30 minutes at a time otherwise the fragrance becomes overpowering. It is a beautiful rose scent with hints of berry, great for the spring and summer time! I wasn't planning on buying another Diptyque candle right away but decided to use a Nordstrom note to knock the price back down to earth and grab "Vanille."Ah-mazing! The most perfect spicy vanilla scent. I can see myself keeping one of these in our home always. The candles themself burn like a dream! So clean and even and lasts forever! (Freaking better for $60!) I love that they offer a more authentic scent rather than a manufactured scent if that makes sense. You know, like there is a big difference in how bath and body works and mother nature think a pine tree smells. I think Diptque does an excellent job of creating the most natural smelling fragrances. 
In case you missed last month's Beauty Review, you can find it here!

FTC Disclosure : I recieved the Fortifying Protein Hair Mask by Arvazallia in exchange for my honest review.

25 October 2015

She's Officially TWO!

As of last Monday at 3:36pm, Kyle and I officially have a two year old! I found that for the days surrounding her birthday I kind of walked around with a lump in my throat, never actually crying, but certainly a bit emotional about Mallory being one year older. 

two year old birthday

I was talking to my mother in law about this; it's such a strange feeling! On one hand, it feels like she has always been here. Really, I can hardly remember what life was like when it was just me, Kyle and the dogs. On the other hand, I can so SO vividly imagine the day she was born! It's like it was just yesterday...

Since Mallory's first birthday, I've spaced out her more formal updates here on the blog. Today I want to take a second to describe her at this moment in life. I'm so thankful to have this blog to document and share the most special things in my life; my kids. 

Hang on... *tears*

two year old GIRL

Ok Amanda, pull it together! Lets start with Mallory's current annoying irritating frustrating ahem less desirable behaviors. Maybe that will help dial back my emotions. HA!

Whining. Lord have mercy the whining! For the past two ish months and still going strong, this girl seems to breathe with a whine.  I'm told that she has had a lot of adjustments to make lately (having a baby brother, then moving, etc.) and whining is a coping mechanism. I'm also told that this whole whining thing is developmentally appropriate for kids entering their second year... If that's the case, whining was God's built in birth control for parents because, as Mallory now says, "whining SUCKS!"

two year old development

I'm also seeing a lot of the bad juju I put out into the world as a a child come fuuuullllll circle and get back at me through my daughter. Actually, let me just go ahead and take a second to apologize to my own mom. For real Mom, I'M SOOOO SORRY! Like really really sorry. Not sleeping through the night. No naps. Fierce independence (which is not so cute on a toddler.) Of course she is only independent until the moment I need to feed her brother or cook dinner then suddenly she needs to be held. Weird, right? *eye roll*  Getting pleasure out of being defiant. She has this look she gives me when she does something I've just told her not to do. Pretty sure I still give that same "oh yeah? F*^k you!" look... Good times in toddler land for sure!

two year old birthday

But oh does the good FAAAR out way the not so good. Mallory has the most kind heart of anyone I know! Not only is she a loving and empathetic big sister, but she always thinks of everyone else. If she gets a special treat (i.e. gummies, a balloon, a lollipop) she makes sure everyone around her has the same opportunity by saying "soandso pop too!" For the moment, she is very good at sharing and wants everyone around her to feel included. 

She is an adventure seeker and we adore that about her! I'm convinced that Mallory would live outside if it were up to her. Rain or shine she wants to get out there each morning faster than I can reheat my coffee! 

Mallory loves to read books and 9 times out of 10 will choose to read over watch her favorite TV shows. (Bubble Guppies, Chuggington, Little Einsteins and Doc McStuffins)

Pretty sure Mallory is using new words daily! We are constantly amazed at her vocabulary and the concepts she is able to verbally communicate. She is extremely observant and will pick up on the smallest details about her environment and the people in it. She appreciates an explanation for any changes or deviation from her "normal." For example, if Kyle is not going to be coming home for the night, she seems to do better of we tell her that in advance. Thats not to say that she doesn't roll with the punches, but she will certainly ask questions if Daddy isn't home when she thinks he should be. 

Ok, lets just move on to the two year stats before this gets really out of hand...

two year old development

Numbers || 26.8 pounds (55th percentile) & 34.2 inches (60th percentile)

Diet || Anything and everything! Mallory is truly a good eater. We certainly have those spurts where she kind of turns her nose up at foods she would ordinarily eat, but those seem to phase out quickly. She does like lollipops, ice cream and gummies, but generally doesn't really ask for or enjoy sugary things. She will pass up cake and cookies and will frequently not eat an entire dum-dum, but you offer that girl some chips or pretzels?! Forget about it! Savory foods all the way for Mally! We do still give Mallory a bottle of either cow or breastmilk at bed time and when she wakes up in the morning. (Shhh don't tell her doctor. ;)) It's nice, quiet, special time with just Mallory that we all really enjoy, so we do it. 

two year old milestones

Loves || Being outside, running, pushing things on wheels, climbing, reading, organizing the fridge/pantry, snuggling (but only when she's tired), dancing, playing with her dogs, building blocks (and knocking them down), and helping Mom. Really anything physical, she's ALL about it!

Loathes || Waking up from naps (if/when she takes them) and being confined to the stroller or shopping cart unless she is either sleepy, having a snack or treat or confident we are walking to the playground. She does have little neurotic bizarre "Kyle like" things that irk her, like zippers touching her chest/neck, or having gooey/sticky things on her hands. It is so interesting to see funny little genetic things like that pop up as she gets older! Hehehe

two year old developmental milestones

Clothes || Her closet has kind of a hodgepodge of random "this looks like it would fit her" sizes. Generally, she wears smaller sized pants than she does tops thanks to her genetic predisposition to having short legs (sorry kiddo!) I'm going to say she wears mostly 18 month/24 month pants and 2t tops. Both kids are still going strong in the size 4 diapers! HUGE win in the convenience department for Mom and Dad!

Gear || Apart from the standard big ticket items (ie. her carseat, her stroller, etc.) there really isn't tooooo much "gear" at this point in the game. Definitely check out this post on the gifts we considered for Mallory this year to kind of get a sense of the things she is into.

two year old birthday

Sleep || Ughhhh. Sleep. So, things have been improving these past couple of months, which i'm thankful for, but sleep has always kind of a struggle with her. (She got it from her mama!) For quiet some time after Mike was born, Mallory was going to bed around 7:30pm then waking up around 11pm, again around 3am, then again around 5:30am. SUUUUCCCCKED! Now she is going to bed around 8pm and sleeping until about 6am. Most mornings she will snuggle and doze on the couch with me until about 7:30am. About once a week she will wake up in the middle of the night but we can get her back to sleep fairly quickly. *knock on wood* Mallory acts like she wants to nap most afternoons around 2pm, but rarely commits. Kyle and I are ok with the no nap thing since she behaves fine without them, not to mention if she does nap she wakes up hard core grumpy and can take up to an hour to pull it together.  

two year old development

Social ||  Mallory is still quite reserved and cautious with strangers. She likes to take a minute to watch and get her bearings when we first roll up to the playground. I certainly would not describe her as shy, just kind of a skeptic. (Kyle and I can certainly relate to that!) Mallory has a couple of good friends who enjoy the same adventurous, active and messy style of play! It has been such a joy to watch these kids grow and develop not only as individuals but in their friendship as well. 

Happy Birthday sweet girl! We love you more than you could possibly know. 

18 October 2015

Gift Guide || Two Years Old

Today we are celebrating Mallory's SECOND birthday! Her actual birthday isn't until tomorrow, but Monday birthday's are lame and her dad may or may not be around during waking hours so we're partyin' today! "Party" of course is a loose term in this house; we just aren't huge on birthdays and like to keep things simple.  We do a meal and cake of the birthday guy/gals' choosing , wrap a couple of gifts - bada bing bada boom - Birthday party!

I really enjoy both browsing and utilizing the various gift guides that are on Pinterest. You can seriously find gift ideas for any celebration, milestone, occasion, and person imaginable! Friends just purchased their first home, you're attending their housewarming party and need to bring a gift? Pinterest has you covered. Your nephew's bat mitzvah is next weekend. What are you getting him? You have no idea? There's a pin for that. Your daughter is turning two next month and seems to need/want for NOTHING in the "fun gift" department? Well, here's your pin for that too. ;)

*cheesey!! ^^*

1. Oversized Anywhere Chair || This was something I've been looking forward to getting Mallory for quite some time. Two of her friends have Anywhere Chairs that she really enjoys so I knew she would love having one of her own. The quality of these chairs is just amazing and I love that you can customize each chair--I went with navy slipcovers and white writing. I actually went ahead and got Mike a matching chair when I ordered Mallory's. (Pottery Barn Kids is doing $20 off Anywhere Chairs and Beanbags this weekend!!! You still have a couple of hours to capitalize! I think this is also a great Christmas gift. Get the deal here!)

2. Toy Basketball Hoop || Of all the "toy" sports gear out there, this seemed the most -I live in Alaska so this will be played indoors for the foreseeable future- friendly. I recommend checking your local second hand stores for items like this. In all reality, kids get a couple years of use out of toys like this and they are on to the real deal. I say save some money and buy it used. Take it home, give it a good bleach bath and you're good to go! (We have actually started buying most of the kids' clothing used as well because there is just no point in ruining expensive clothing! I'm certainly not going to keep them from playing in order to keep their clothes looking nice.. But that's a rant for another day.)

3. Various Sports Balls || Sticking with the "energy releasing while not wreaking maximum havoc indoors" theme from the basketball hoop, we figured its time to really start exposing her to the sports her mom and dad love so dearly. Kyle and I both tried every sport under the sun before really narrowing our focus to those we loved most. For Kyle those were baseball and football while I rode the basketball and soccer train. We are so excited to rediscover our favorite sports through our children. (Leave it to a mom to make a bunch of balls sentimental, right? GAG!)

4. Helmet || Safety first! :) See number 7.

5. Shoes || Praise the Lord my daughter loves shoes!! For real. She is constantly bringing me shoes and asking me to put them on her so she can stomp around the house. I'm a fan of buying her shoes because we have a pretty healthy wet/dirty shoe washing rotation going, so the more options, the better! These shoes were dirt cheap on Amazon! Definitely check the toddler new balance on amazon--good stuff! I actually may grab these and tuck them away for Christmas...

6. BALLOONS!! || Freaking balloons I tell ya. If we had gotten Mallory balloons and only balloons, she would have been EXSTATIC! Helium balloons are her kryptonite. Like, if we want Mal to be a productive member of society, or even just breathe and circulate blood effectively, balloons need to be out. of. sight. She's obsessed!

7. Radio Flyer Glide And Go Balance Bike || How difficult is it to make plain bikes these days?! I mean, everything is either Frozen and Barbie or Ninja Turtles and Spiderman!! Can we just get a damn red or yellow bike that can be passed around amongst siblings?! Sheesh! Anyway, I love gliders. This same principle is actually how my dad taught my youngest sister to ride a bike; just took the pedals off her hand-me-down bike and she learned to balance so quickly! Fortunately, Radio Flyer still makes things in their classic red color. (Oh. And you're welcome too Mike. This will also be YOUR bike. ;))

8. ABC & 123 Books || I don't know if it's her age or personality, but Mallory really enjoys educational books or books that we can use to "quiz" her. She loves being able to point and identify numbers, colors, animals, shapes, etc. so we grabbed her a few new books to scratch that it. I'm actually quite impressed with Nordstrom's selection of children's books.

9. Shopping Cart || All things pushable and with wheels are Mallory's go to lately! In fact, when her friends are at the house, 9 out of 10 tantrums stem from each of them not having their preferred push device. HA! She already has a stroller for her baby doll and has even started using her old walker out of sheer desperation so we figured this toy shopping cart would be a good investment. I also think it opens the door for future gifts--a kitchen or store? Some play food? Quite a few possibilities here once the juices get flowin' (This exact cart is on sale right now at Khols.com!)

Happy Sunday!!

12 October 2015

Two Under Two

My clock has almost run out on having two children under the age of two. Mallory turns TWO this week!! I'm told that at the stroke of midnight on her second birthday she will instantly become a reasonable, levelheaded, independent young lady. I'll report back on the 20th.

"HAHA! Yeah right Mom! Tantrums, poor listening skills and whining forever and always."


Mal and Mike are just a few days shy of 18 months apart in age. Is this a significant age gap? No, but it certainly isn't the most rapid fire kid spacing I know of either. Kyle and I always knew we wanted to have our be children close in age. We figured for their sake, they would always have a "peer." Someone to fight/play with and to share in the various life stages and experiences. As parents we figured, "What the hell, we don't sleep right now anyway! Might as well add another kid into the mix sooner rather than later and just knock the bulk of the sleeplessness out at once!" And so we did...

We learned I was pregnant with baby number 2 when Mallory was just shy of 10 months old. 

So, whats the skinny on all of this two under two business? We think it's pretty damn amazing! 

Of course, there are moments that have Kyle and I looking at each other expressing one of the following sentiments:

- What. The. F&*^ is she doing?! Kids are so freaking weird/gross/strange/etc.
- This is a joke right? 
- Can I punch my time card? You know, just for a hot second to harness my chi and determine who's urine is on my pants.
- Yep. That's it. I quit.

or my most frequently used

- Shit showwww!

For the most part though, our hearts are just too full and our days too busy to see much more than the good in all the chaos. 

What did the transition look like for me when we added baby number two? Well, here's what I know...

+ First and foremost, YES, yes I can love another baby just as much as I love my first born. My heart just seems to grow. 

+ Kyle and I have vastly different definitions of "easy." About a month into the two kid gig, Kyle was telling me how much easier Mallory is to take care of than Mike. He appreciated that she could tell him what she wants/needs. My vote is that Mike is easier. Hands down. For example, If I have Mike at the grocery store and he gets upset, just give him the boob, maybe change his diaper, give him a little bounce rock sway action and we are back in business. But Mal?! If Mal gets upset at the grocery store, now that's a show stopper. Baby stage for the win!

+ My toddler is learning soooooo much from me right now and it's amazing! Every time I see her nursing her baby doll or hear her yell "uh oh! Mikey's sad. Fix it Mommy." I'm reminded that she is watching and studying my every move. She is watching me care for the baby. She's watching me show empathy, compassion and love. She is watching how I negotiate stressful situations. She is WATCHING! It behooves me to keep my shit together. These are the behaviors she is going to emulate. I find that reminding myself that Mallory is learning from me helps me to keep my emotions in check during those tough moments. How would I hope my daughter would handle a situation like this?

+ I should have gone into medicine because I can triage like an ER doctor! Kidding, I suck at math, but I can problem solve. The reality is, I can't be two places at once. I can't always do everything. So when shit hits the fan here in crazy town, I decide which issue is most pressing and start there. Both kids upset at the same time? The oldest is pissed because the dog stole her cheese stick and the baby is screaming because he's hungry. Feed baby, then replenish toddler's snack supply. (If I'm feeling super motivated I can replenish snacks whilst breastfeeding!)

+ Baby wearing is a the key to daytime success, productivity and multitasking. 

+ I can sleep when I'm dead, because it sure ain't happenin' much now! Ha! I'm kind of kidding. If Mallory didn't have a major sleep regression around the time we brought Mike home, I really don't think we would have been nearly as tired. Mallory decided to drop any and all naps AND start waking up throughout the night at the same time we added a newborn to the mix. Coooooooool...
(She's sleeping great at night again now. THANK GOODNESS!)

A little 4:30am snuggle selfie action with a very much awake toddler. 
+ "Diaper bags" are for the birds. Car bags are what's up. If you know Mallory you know that girl can trash an outfit in record breaking time. My kids are just gross. They gravitate towards the messiest activities possible/prefer to blowout of their diaper in public places. Rather than lugging around a suitcase full of diapers, wipes, changes of clothes x4, toys, teethers and the kitchen sink, I keep it alll in a massive plastic lined bag in the car. We are never far from the car and if we are I will toss a diaper or two in my purse for good measure. Mostly I prefer to be hands free and ready to wrangle!

+ Guilt sucks. Without a second thought, the most challenging aspect of having a second baby for me is the constant guilt. I feel guilty for not being able to give either child my full and undivided attention as often as I'd like. Mallory doesn't fully understand "Wait a couple of minutes while I finish doing xyz for your brother." Every time I can't give her what she needs/wants immediately my heart breaks a little because I know she can't yet understand why. I feel guilty that Mike spends less time sleeping in someone's arms as Mallory did as a baby. When Mike naps I try to put him down in order to give Mallory some one on one time. The list could literally go on and on--just so much guilt! But the truth is, one of the parenting goals that is extremely important to me and Kyle is that we raise children who don't feel entitled and who recognize that the world does not infact revolve around them. Apparently those lessons start now.

+ Always, ALWAYS aim to leave earlier than you need to. I kid you not I can not get these short people out the door on time if my life depended on it! In the moment that it's time to pile in the car, someone always needs to eat, someone always has a blowout, someone always spits up all over themselves, someone always takes their clothes off, someone always forgets their wallet... I pretty much have to budget at least 20 extra minutes to accomplish anything on time. But loose timelines = less stress and less stress = fewer tantrums (from both the kids and the parents.) 

+ My heart can be taken to the point of near explosion daily and still survive. Watching Mallory become a big sister and seeing that sibling relationship develop is just incredible! I would venture to estimate that 98% of my postpartum tears came from watching Mallory and Michael interact with one another. Puddle on the freaking floor!

Phew that got a little wordy huh? Sorry about that...

The bottom line is, if given the choice to do it again, have two kids under the age of two, I'd do it in a heartbeat. (I'd just maybe buy stock in Budweiser first. ;))

05 October 2015

Fall Ankle Boots & Booties + Promo Codes!

Is it just me or are we seeing ankle boots everywhere this fall! I mean, yeah they have always been a thing, but I think they have even pulled ahead of the classic riding boot in popularity this year. Instagram, magazines, fashion blogs, you name the source, they are probably either wearing or selling ankle booties.

gray sole society ankle boots

I found these Sole Society ankle boots at a local consignment shop a few days ago for a steal! That got me super excited to find even more affordable and fashionable fall footwear. Because ankle boots are all the rage and because tall riding boots make me hotter than all get out this time of year--ankle boots and booties it is! (Apparently there is a difference between ankle boots and booties... Ankle boots hit between 1-4 ish inches above the ankle while booties stop at the ankle. Who knew?)

Every single one of the shoes shown below are less than $100 and most even have an additional discount! Promo codes can be found below.

affordable fall ankle boots and booties
one || two || three || four || five || six || seven || eight || nine || ten 
 eleven || twelve || thirteen (currently on sale!!) || fourteen || fifteen

If you are feelin' any of those Amazon options, use code SHOESNMORE for 20% off! (Click here to shop!)

A couple of those boots are from Target which is currently running a promotion that gives you 20% off two and/or 30% off three regular priced women's clothing, jewelry and accessories!! PLUS I found a promo code for $5 off of $50! Promo code :: TGT6H257 (Click here to shop!)

burlington coat factory ankle boots

You have seen these shoes already, but they are worth mentioning again because they were dirt cheap! If those of us in Alaska were so fortunate as to have a TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or Ross, I would be all up in their shoe racks hunting for ankle boots and booties! No sense in paying full price for name brand if you don't have to...#amiright?!

forever 21 black ankle boots

Forever 21 is another great option for inexpensive shoes! Last year I found these black ankle boots and wore the heck out of them! I will be able to wear them again this year, but don't think they will survive after that... I'm tough on shoes as it is and you know how it is with Forever 21 items, cute but don't always last very long.

The boot selection at ASOS is another awesome option! I don't know why I seem to forget about ASOS--they have some great stuff!

Can you tell I'm a little excited about this seasons footwear situation? Sorry 'bout our bank account Kyle... hehehe

01 October 2015

Clear The Rack

Now that Anchorage has its very own Nordstrom Rack store, my "time to kill shopping" location has changed. Hitting Nordstrom Rack for a quick in and out browse sesh with the kids is sooooo much easier than negotiating all the obstacles the mall has to offer--both for my budget and my toddler's desire to run and wreck. I mean, who knew Kate Spade China couldn't withstand a running frisbee toss into the tile floor? Who knew those ramps next to the stairways were so damn fun? And who knew that getting rewards points doesn't in fact mean I needed that top? 

Where was I going with this? Oh! Nordstrom Rack is having their "Clear the Rack" sale both in stores and online until October 4th. All clearance items are marked down an additional 25% which, in case you weren't a math major means shit is basically FREE! ;) 

Here is what I've got my eye on...

one || two || three || four || five || six || seven || eight

I hope you have an awesome weekend and HAPPY SHOPPING!

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