28 October 2015

October Beauty Review

How is October almost over?! I feel like this month has just flown by! I mean, it's already been nearly two months since we moved! Insanity! But, with the end of this month comes Halloween with is extra exciting this year thanks to Mallory. She is at a point in which she enjoys things that deviate from her normal day to day life. We did a little trick or treating practice run last week at the PX and she was too cute! Strutting around in her little koala costume acting like she had been preparing to trick or treat her whole life. She was so proud to be carrying around her own pumpkin with actual things in it. (Not that she actually ate an entire piece of candy since she doesn't love sweets---she sure did sample each one...then tossed it back in her pumpkin.) We are so excited for the real deal this weekend!

The end of this month also means it's time for another beauty review!! Eeek! I just love these posts. :)

beauty product reviews

This month I feel like I got out there and really experimented! I purchased beauty products that aren't ordinarily on my radar which is exciting. 

Here's what I got...

makeup reviews

Fortifying Protein Hair Mask by Arvazallia || Although I'm a loyal user of the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque, I'm always on the prowl for something that can achieve similar results without the steep price tag. This mask was my latest experiment and I've been quite pleased! It is infused with argan and macadamia oil to repair, restore and strengthen your hair. Personally, I enjoy the smell of this mask more than the deep repair masque! The application instructions are a bit different in that it calls for you to apply the mask to towel dried hair, comb, leave in for 7 ish minutes then rinse. Ehhh...That's a bit much. I either do mine in the shower or use it as a styling balm and wash it out with my next shower. Getting in and out of the shower for a mask? Ain't gonna happen! I've been using this mask 2-3 times per week and my hair feels amazing! If your in the market for a good hair mask, definitely give this one a test drive!

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Body Lotion || Have you ever met a scent that you literally want to stick up your nose so you can smell it all day long? No? Just me? Oh well... I grabbed the sample size of this body butter in the "you didn't plan on buying this but you're going to" section at Ulta a couple of weeks ago and I can NOT quit it! Honestly, I used the entire sample in less than a week before I purchased the full size. I'm not even a lotion person! Seriously, it's that good!
Buxom Lip Polish in 'Erin || Another "branching out" purchase right here! Ordinarily, I'm a matte lips kinda gal and I'd never tried anything by Buxom, so this is a double whammy! Lately I've been really into the glossy, full lip look and have heard rave reviews about Buxom glosses. It took me a while to pull the trigger because their color selection is so expansive, I had a tough time deciding what I would get the most use out of. I went with the shade "Erin" because of its beautiful pale pink hue and subtle (not sparkly) iridescence. LOVE. IT. Not only is the color extremely wearable but the formulation is amazing. I love the cooling effect the slight pepermint flavor gives as well as its staying power. Definitely not sticky or goopy, just good. Highly, highly recommend! I'm getting this one next!

Lavanila deodorant in the vanilla coconut scent || Ok, you know I pretty much take everything Tiffany D on YouTube says as gospel, right? Well, over the years she has sang the praises of this "healthy" deodorant, in this scent in particular. So when my armpits got this crazy itchy rash situation, I figured it was time to try out a more simple deodorant in order to spare the general public my best ape underarm scratching impression... Umm, no. NO! By mid afternoon on the first day I used this I smelled like a construction worker. Like, nasty! Tiffany always said that you have to use it for a while in order for it to work, so I tried to muscle through. By day four I was starting to feel sorry for my son as his meals are served pretty damn close to my armpits... I think I'd rather have itchy armpits than stinky ones. (How was THAT for a poetic overshare of a beauty product review? Ha!)

Pixi Correction Concentrate in Brightening Peach || I got this corrector from Target in an attempt to replace my beloved Bobbi Brown corrector for less. (Read: I'm a cheap ass!) Just no. There aren't many color options in the line so it doesn't match my skin tone as seamlessly and literally lasts five minutes before my dark circles are front and center again. For $10 more, I'll stick with my Bobbi Brown...

Too Faced Primed & Poreless || One of the things I've learned over the past couple of years is that a good finishing powder makes a world of difference in my makeup! It is the final touch that takes your makeup look from nice to flawless. One of my chief personal skin care complaints is prominent pores around my nose and chin. "Poreless?" Sign me up! They say this pressed powder can also be used as a primer, but I haven't tried that yet. I've been keeping this in my purse for touchups on the go. Is this a game changer? No. Do I think I wasted my money? No. Will I repurchase? Probably not. It works fine, but just isn't amazing enough to justify the price tag. I think this HD Translucent Powder by ELF works just as well for a fraction of the price.

diptyque candle review

Oh! Since you can sort of see them in these photos, I wanted to mention Diptyque candles really quick. Lets just agree that everything Diptyque sells is stttooooopid expensive! Stupid. Ok. Despite being drawn to "Vanille" the first candle I purchased was in the scent "Baies," their best seller. I really enjoyed it but quickly learned that it should only be burned for 30 minutes at a time otherwise the fragrance becomes overpowering. It is a beautiful rose scent with hints of berry, great for the spring and summer time! I wasn't planning on buying another Diptyque candle right away but decided to use a Nordstrom note to knock the price back down to earth and grab "Vanille."Ah-mazing! The most perfect spicy vanilla scent. I can see myself keeping one of these in our home always. The candles themself burn like a dream! So clean and even and lasts forever! (Freaking better for $60!) I love that they offer a more authentic scent rather than a manufactured scent if that makes sense. You know, like there is a big difference in how bath and body works and mother nature think a pine tree smells. I think Diptque does an excellent job of creating the most natural smelling fragrances. 
In case you missed last month's Beauty Review, you can find it here!

FTC Disclosure : I recieved the Fortifying Protein Hair Mask by Arvazallia in exchange for my honest review.

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