25 October 2015

She's Officially TWO!

As of last Monday at 3:36pm, Kyle and I officially have a two year old! I found that for the days surrounding her birthday I kind of walked around with a lump in my throat, never actually crying, but certainly a bit emotional about Mallory being one year older. 

two year old birthday

I was talking to my mother in law about this; it's such a strange feeling! On one hand, it feels like she has always been here. Really, I can hardly remember what life was like when it was just me, Kyle and the dogs. On the other hand, I can so SO vividly imagine the day she was born! It's like it was just yesterday...

Since Mallory's first birthday, I've spaced out her more formal updates here on the blog. Today I want to take a second to describe her at this moment in life. I'm so thankful to have this blog to document and share the most special things in my life; my kids. 

Hang on... *tears*

two year old GIRL

Ok Amanda, pull it together! Lets start with Mallory's current annoying irritating frustrating ahem less desirable behaviors. Maybe that will help dial back my emotions. HA!

Whining. Lord have mercy the whining! For the past two ish months and still going strong, this girl seems to breathe with a whine.  I'm told that she has had a lot of adjustments to make lately (having a baby brother, then moving, etc.) and whining is a coping mechanism. I'm also told that this whole whining thing is developmentally appropriate for kids entering their second year... If that's the case, whining was God's built in birth control for parents because, as Mallory now says, "whining SUCKS!"

two year old development

I'm also seeing a lot of the bad juju I put out into the world as a a child come fuuuullllll circle and get back at me through my daughter. Actually, let me just go ahead and take a second to apologize to my own mom. For real Mom, I'M SOOOO SORRY! Like really really sorry. Not sleeping through the night. No naps. Fierce independence (which is not so cute on a toddler.) Of course she is only independent until the moment I need to feed her brother or cook dinner then suddenly she needs to be held. Weird, right? *eye roll*  Getting pleasure out of being defiant. She has this look she gives me when she does something I've just told her not to do. Pretty sure I still give that same "oh yeah? F*^k you!" look... Good times in toddler land for sure!

two year old birthday

But oh does the good FAAAR out way the not so good. Mallory has the most kind heart of anyone I know! Not only is she a loving and empathetic big sister, but she always thinks of everyone else. If she gets a special treat (i.e. gummies, a balloon, a lollipop) she makes sure everyone around her has the same opportunity by saying "soandso pop too!" For the moment, she is very good at sharing and wants everyone around her to feel included. 

She is an adventure seeker and we adore that about her! I'm convinced that Mallory would live outside if it were up to her. Rain or shine she wants to get out there each morning faster than I can reheat my coffee! 

Mallory loves to read books and 9 times out of 10 will choose to read over watch her favorite TV shows. (Bubble Guppies, Chuggington, Little Einsteins and Doc McStuffins)

Pretty sure Mallory is using new words daily! We are constantly amazed at her vocabulary and the concepts she is able to verbally communicate. She is extremely observant and will pick up on the smallest details about her environment and the people in it. She appreciates an explanation for any changes or deviation from her "normal." For example, if Kyle is not going to be coming home for the night, she seems to do better of we tell her that in advance. Thats not to say that she doesn't roll with the punches, but she will certainly ask questions if Daddy isn't home when she thinks he should be. 

Ok, lets just move on to the two year stats before this gets really out of hand...

two year old development

Numbers || 26.8 pounds (55th percentile) & 34.2 inches (60th percentile)

Diet || Anything and everything! Mallory is truly a good eater. We certainly have those spurts where she kind of turns her nose up at foods she would ordinarily eat, but those seem to phase out quickly. She does like lollipops, ice cream and gummies, but generally doesn't really ask for or enjoy sugary things. She will pass up cake and cookies and will frequently not eat an entire dum-dum, but you offer that girl some chips or pretzels?! Forget about it! Savory foods all the way for Mally! We do still give Mallory a bottle of either cow or breastmilk at bed time and when she wakes up in the morning. (Shhh don't tell her doctor. ;)) It's nice, quiet, special time with just Mallory that we all really enjoy, so we do it. 

two year old milestones

Loves || Being outside, running, pushing things on wheels, climbing, reading, organizing the fridge/pantry, snuggling (but only when she's tired), dancing, playing with her dogs, building blocks (and knocking them down), and helping Mom. Really anything physical, she's ALL about it!

Loathes || Waking up from naps (if/when she takes them) and being confined to the stroller or shopping cart unless she is either sleepy, having a snack or treat or confident we are walking to the playground. She does have little neurotic bizarre "Kyle like" things that irk her, like zippers touching her chest/neck, or having gooey/sticky things on her hands. It is so interesting to see funny little genetic things like that pop up as she gets older! Hehehe

two year old developmental milestones

Clothes || Her closet has kind of a hodgepodge of random "this looks like it would fit her" sizes. Generally, she wears smaller sized pants than she does tops thanks to her genetic predisposition to having short legs (sorry kiddo!) I'm going to say she wears mostly 18 month/24 month pants and 2t tops. Both kids are still going strong in the size 4 diapers! HUGE win in the convenience department for Mom and Dad!

Gear || Apart from the standard big ticket items (ie. her carseat, her stroller, etc.) there really isn't tooooo much "gear" at this point in the game. Definitely check out this post on the gifts we considered for Mallory this year to kind of get a sense of the things she is into.

two year old birthday

Sleep || Ughhhh. Sleep. So, things have been improving these past couple of months, which i'm thankful for, but sleep has always kind of a struggle with her. (She got it from her mama!) For quiet some time after Mike was born, Mallory was going to bed around 7:30pm then waking up around 11pm, again around 3am, then again around 5:30am. SUUUUCCCCKED! Now she is going to bed around 8pm and sleeping until about 6am. Most mornings she will snuggle and doze on the couch with me until about 7:30am. About once a week she will wake up in the middle of the night but we can get her back to sleep fairly quickly. *knock on wood* Mallory acts like she wants to nap most afternoons around 2pm, but rarely commits. Kyle and I are ok with the no nap thing since she behaves fine without them, not to mention if she does nap she wakes up hard core grumpy and can take up to an hour to pull it together.  

two year old development

Social ||  Mallory is still quite reserved and cautious with strangers. She likes to take a minute to watch and get her bearings when we first roll up to the playground. I certainly would not describe her as shy, just kind of a skeptic. (Kyle and I can certainly relate to that!) Mallory has a couple of good friends who enjoy the same adventurous, active and messy style of play! It has been such a joy to watch these kids grow and develop not only as individuals but in their friendship as well. 

Happy Birthday sweet girl! We love you more than you could possibly know. 

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