29 October 2015

When Childcare Means Heels...

Boots || Target
Jeans || Vigoss
Handbag || Louis Vuitton
Sweater || Old Navy (on sale!!)
Tassel Necklace || Bauble Bar
Small Necklace || Tiny Tags
Watch || Michael Kors
Lipstick || MAC "Rebel"

We have some pretty awesome things going on in our house lately! We have had rapid fire visitors ever since we moved into our home on post, which we LOVE! As much as I love living in Alaska, I don't love living far away from our family and friends. Like all things in the military, it's only temporary and we know our days here are numbered, so we prefer to see things through rose colored glasses. Anyway, where was a going with this? Oh! Visitors. Well, one of our visitors fell so in love with Alaska that she decided to stay!! My sister Mary Anna will be living with us for the remainder of our time here! YESSSSSS! Day to day conversations with someone whose butt I don't have to wipe?! EEK! One of the many perks of her living with us is the return of date nights! Kyle and I have never used a sitter for our kids, only ever leaving them with family or one of our closest friends, so this is huge! (Not that Kyle is home on nights and weekends to actually go on dates, but we can dream, right? I mean, its at least an option now...) I can almost hear my sneakers and flats rejoicing from my closet as they won't be pulling quite as many overtime shifts. The heeled, less toddler chasing friendly shoes are back in business!

I'd been eyeballing' these ankle boots from Target for quite some time. They are the perfect cognac shade that seems to go with any look and their heel height is perfect for flares! (Thank goodness flares are finally back in style btw.) If you are considering these or any other boots from Target, today is your lucky day because they are 40% off via Cartwheel!

RUN, don't walk...

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