04 November 2015

Michael Robert - 6 Months Old

Once again, I'm embarassingly late writing Michael's 6 month update. Ugh, second children man...it's tough! At least I take his monthly photos on time, right? That's gotta count for something...

happy baby

Let's just get to it before I miss next month's update. #momfail

six month old developmental milestones

Numbers || 18.7 pounds (70th percentile) 26.7 inches (65th percentile) It was so funny taking both kids to the doctor this month. Mallory is very much in the scream bloody murder from the moment the doctor walks in until the moment he leaves phase while Mike was just giggling and having a grand ol' time. (I'm sure you can imagine the shit show that appointment was...)

six month old developmental milestones

Diet || 100% breast milk. His doctor gave us the green light to start introducing solids (which we did with Mallory around 5.5 months) but Mike is sooooo not interested. He wants to put anything and everything in his mouth but that is a teething thing, not a food thing in his case. He doesn't really watch intently as we eat, then again, we eat in shifts so he may not actually have the opportunity HA! So, we are just going to wait a little longer to start experimenting with solids. I'm in no hurry! I'm completely happy breastfeeding for as long as Michael wants. 

six month old developmental milestones

Loves || Being naked, being tickled, his paci (Mam and only Mam), being worn (forward facing mostly), babbling with Mommy, his feet, putting everything in his mouth, bath time, toys, Mallory,

six month old development

Loathes || The carseat woes continue and he has decided he isn't huge on independent play (both him AND his sister. At the same time. Coooooooool phase guys...)

six month old development

Clothes || Holding strong in 9-12 month size clothing and size 4 diapers. 

six month old boy development

Sleep || Not too much has changed on this front with Mike. He takes a decent 1.5-2 hour nap late in the morning and is good for another hour long nap around 4pm. The only time he really struggles with sleep is if he needs to poop. (You're very welcome for sharing that with the world, Michael.)

six month old boy

Social/Milestones || Literally the day before he hit the 6 month mark he rolled from back to tummy! He is also propping himself up on his hands to sit. :) Let the good times roll...

six month old boy

Health || Nothing exciting to report here. Phew!

Before you go, I wanted to share a post I recently wrote for Desitin. The post is all about how we navigated those nighttime diaper changes with Michael and ultimately bought ourselves a few more precious hours of sleep! Click here to read more.

six month old boy

Check out Mallory's six month update here!

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