16 November 2015

Our Weekend...

Boy do I hope your Monday is going better than ours! We got started bright dark and early with a barf bonanza of the toddler variety. Two rooms affected. Not pretty. Not pretty at all! The good news is we got to try out our new carpet cleaner! So there's that...#fml (Mal isn't really sick. She is just congested and gagged resulting in a full stomach purge.)

Lets talk about something more pleasant, shall we? Our weekend, it was a good one! Nothing terribly exciting happened, no scratch that, it did! The Sephora VIB sale happened. Talk about getting things off on the right foot! An online order and a stroll through the store later, I can confidently say I'm well stocked for the next several months and even knocked out some Christmas shopping in the process. If that's not a win, then I just don't know anymore...Check out my picks here! Today is the last day to take advantage of 20% off for VIBs!!!

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Did I tell you I started Weight Watchers? No? Well, I did, about two weeks ago. It was time to buckle down and make some changes. Kyle (courageously) got me a FitBit last month and that is kind of what got the ball going.  After the first week of Weight Watchers, I hit my pre pregnancy weight! FINALLY! Next up is to find my new "feel good" weight. Game on saddle bags. Game. ON! Anyway, long story short, my meetings/weigh ins are on Saturdays, so our weekend started off with that...

The weather was seriously frigid alllll weekend, so we stacked the indoor activities somethin' fierce! First up Saturday after my meeting was an underwhelming indoor playground on base called Arctic Oasis. Well, it isn't underwhelming for Mallory, but it's not a parental favorite... convenience just wins sometimes. No photos from Arctic Oasis because I was busy walking laps with Mike (read: earning more "activity points" to cash in for food later ha!) while Kyle and Mal got their play on.  We spent the rest of the day Saturday running errands then had a nice, relaxing dinner at home.

Sunday we decided to try out the new trampoline park in south Anchorage, Get Air. SUCH a blast! Seriously, the restraint required for me and Kyle to remain with our children and not go buck wild on the trampolines was remarkable. Oh, and I guess Mal and Mike had fun too. ;)

On Fridays they offer toddler time from 10-12 and we will definitely be checking that out! There is a section of the park that is blocked off for the smaller kids which is great, but leave it to Mallory to sniff out the huge dodgeball court and even bigger obstacle courses. Maybe we could better postpone her first ER visit by limiting the size of the bodies flying through the air... 

Mike, of course loved all of the loud commotion. And balls. Can't forget the balls. 

We went straight from Get Air to a birthday party at yet another indoor playground! Mal was sufficiently wiped by the time we got back to home. Quick bath and she went straight to bed which meant Mama got to not only shower, wash my hair AND shave my legs, but also log some looonnngggg overdue beauty maintenance. I had to break out the big guns to tackle the situation I was working with. These below zero temps we've been having mean my skin is straight up PARCHED! Like Sahara Desert style. So I went in with the Glam Glow cleanser, followed it with my favorite clay mask, cleaned myself up and finished things off with some vitamin C and a refreshing face mist. Seems to have done the trick...for now! It's currently -10 outside!!

What did you do this weekend? 

Tell me what you got at Sephora?!!!!

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