04 December 2015

This one's for Kyle...

TGIF! For real, not having a washing machine all week as proven to be wayyyy more annoying that I could have imagined. Who knew that washing 4 days worth of clothing for 4 people would cost $40 at the laundromat?! Seriously??? I prefer to do loads on loads on loads at home and people completely blind to the amount of money I'm spending thank you very much! But, today brings us a new washing machine, so I say again--TGIF!

Most of us (read: Kyle) probably still have quite a bit of Christmas shopping to do. In the name of doing something that you have never seen on another blog AND to help ensure I don't find a new fly rod under the tree with my name on it, I present to you...

A Holiday Gift Guide! ;)

2015 holiday gift guide

1. The Sephora Liquid Luxuries Perfume Sampler is a killer deal! In this set you get 15 deluxe sized samples in addition to a voucher for a free full size fragrance. For the price, thats just nuts! If your looking to just go for it and choose a full size fragrance from the get go, you can't go wrong with a classic like Chance by Chanel, or the tried and true uber popular fragrance Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana OR my latest obsession, B. by Balenziaga Sephora's Beauty Gifts.

2. Ray Ban Aviators Every woman needs a pair of nice, timeless aviators--it's just a fact.  Another fact? Nordstrom has several colors marked 25% off right now!

3. A monogram mug. It's personal. It's practical. It's pretty. That's essentially the ingredients for a perfect gift, am I right? TIP: If she's a habitual coffee re-heater, you may want to grab the microwave safe version instead of this limited edition gold one. Nothing ruins a perfect gift like a house fire...

4. This sweater is the first thing I've ever owned by Free People because, well, keeping it real, their price point is a little insane to me. This sweater though...consider me converted! Ok fine, I got it on super sale, but still. It's flattering, versatile and oh so comfy! (Get it for 40% off here.)

5. Michael Kors watch. I've been going back and forth between purchasing this large, gold toned watch or snagging a more unexpected tortoise and gold bracelet watch. Both are great, but if we are going for the safe, more wearable option then it's this gold one for sure.

6. A fun Kate Spade wallet. I love the pop of color this wallet would undoubtedly bring to a winter wardrobe! Oh, did I mention this wallet is HALF off right now at Nordstrom??? Run, don't walk...or just click here and continue sipping your coffee.

7. Yellow Nikes. I don't have a pair of yellow sneakers and apparently I need some. These. The outfit possibilities running through my mind are endless. I feel like they may even work as a neutral... won't know for sure until they reside in my closet. ;)

8. Hunters. I just purchased a pair of matte red hunters about a month ago so the fact that these are even on my list is rather troublesome... Clearly these are an addiction! I find myself reaching for my Hunters more days than not here in Alaska, so maybe that's why I'm craving more color options. Regardless, I've got my eye on you hunter green...

9. Diptyque Home Fragrances. I've raved about this brand before, so I won't get too wordy here, the gist is that they pack a PUNCH and are so luxurious! I would recommend grabbing their most popular scent if this is your first time trying Diptyque, but 'vanille' is my favorite fragrance of theirs!

10. MAC lip products.  Kyle, don't be intimidated by the make up factor here; this one is kind of a ground ball. MAC has such great quality lipsticks and they carry just about any shade and formulation you could possibly dream of! I'm looking to add Brick O La and Lady Danger to my collection, but by simply taking a look at their best sellers list or talking to a rep at the beauty counter I'm sure you'll make a great choice! ;)

11. These high waisted leggings are hands down the best things to cover my legs in quite some time. I mean, they are nippin' and tucking in allllll the right places! These leggings don't stretch out and loose their shape as the day goes on and can be worn with just about anything! I'm talking you can wear these to bed, to Target, to the gym, then glam them up for date night. You just can't go wrong here, PROMISE!

*Huge thank you to SwimOutlet.com for partnering with me on this post. All items on this list were selected by me and all opinions are my own. I highly suggest checking out Swim Outlet's Holiday Gift Guide and more specifically their collection of gift ideas for the fashionista.

Happy shopping!!

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