03 December 2015

Michael Robert - 7 Months Old

My son is SEVEN months old?! Nope. I don't buy it. (Ok, fine. He's nearly eight months old at this point...Maybe late baby updates are just our thing.) 

Speaking of the cobwebs around this blog, hopefully that will be changing in the not so distant future. Thanks to Cyber Monday, my computer situation is getting an upgrade! I'm currently posted up in my bedroom closet where it is hotter than balls dealing with throwback, like AOL style, internet speed. I just don't have the time or Xanax stockpile to deal with this set up. ;)

Anyway, about our son...

Numbers || No doctor's appointment again this month, but he is dangerously close to surpassing his big sister in diaper size! His thighs just don't quit!

Diet || Still 100% breastmilk. We did attempt solids a couple of times this month, but he just wasn't into it. To be frank, I'm not really into it much either. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited about the developmental implications of Mike eating solids as well as the independence that comes along with it (for BOTH of us)--but goodness gracious! Nursing him is just so much easier...Pinky promise I'll try harder.

Loves || His paci, chest naps, Mallory, apparently he has grown quite fond of his sisters' favorite TV show because it has calmed him on more than one occasion this month, being tickled, baths, toys (the noisier the better!) yelling, practicing sounds... I feel like this list could be endless because he really is SUCH a happy kid!

Loathes || Ugh, that damn carseat! I'm just in a place where I'm counting down until we upgrade him to a larger, more upright seat. If he isn't really ready to take a nap when we pile in the car, I can count on him screaming the entire time. Not fun for any of us!

Clothes || He is just about out of 9 month shirts but can still comfortably wear 9 month pants and sleepers. Lets just go with 9-12 month sizes again. ;)

Baby Gear || Other than things like the carseat he hates,  his beloved pacis and our Ergo, there isn't really toooo much baby specific gear that Mike and I can't live without. I mean, he goes in his walker, his swing, and his bouncy thing, but that is more for my benefit than him loving it. You know? Maybe that is a second child thing, maybe it is just his personality, but we kind of just go with the flow and don't require much in the way of "gear."

Sleep || Nothing too different than last month other than he seems to be trying to drop his mid morning nap. I'm ok with that. Mal doesn't nap so it's not as though I have a shot at coordinating naps... Play on little man!

Social/Milestones || There have been no attempts to crawl yet, but Mike is rolling a decent amount. Wherever he wants to go, he seems to at least attempt to roll there. Also noteworthy is Michael's interest in toys; he loves them! It's amazing to watch his determination while he plays/explores. Bath time is straight up comical! H is a total spaz with his bath toys! We can already tell that he is going to put our baby proofing skills to the test! It seems things aren't worth his time if he can't physically manipulate them. (This is very unlike Mallory who preferred to visually study things before getting too hands on.) OH! We have teeth! I can't tell if he has one, two or three teeth, but what he most certainly does have is a hot orthodontic mess happening in the lower right quadrant of his mouth... Mike is starting to show a little bit of separation anxiety with me--not super excited to see me leave the room or not have me in his sight. And call me crazy but I'm pretty sure he responds to his name now!

I think that's all I've got for 7 months but 8 months is shaping up to be an exciting one!

Check out Mallory's six month update here!

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