29 December 2015

Yes, I Wore This in Public...

nordstrom flannel sleep shirt

faux leather vest

nordstrom sleep shirt

faux leather leggings

Shirt || Nordstrom (40% off right now!!!)
Leggings || Hue
Boots || old similar here and here (both more than 40% off!!!)
Vest || old but super similar here  and I love this one
Lipstick || Lady Danger
Watch || Michael Kors (this one is so similar and nearly half off right now!!!)

I think we can all agree that for the most part, men's flannel shirts are just better than women's. They are more roomy, feel more comfortable on and seem to come in the most awesome varieties of plaid. Don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean my closet is experiencing any kind of plaid/flannel shortage, i'm just saying that women's departments have some room to improve.

Sleepwear on the other hand, they've got it going ON! Nordstrom's sleepwear department in particular since that's where I found this tartan plaid gem. I'm talking racks on racks of (SALE!!) flannel goodness! Color/pattern variety? Check! Softness? Check. Enough length to cover my booty so I can wear them with leggings? Check! 

What more could you ask for??!

Cheers to dressin' up my jimmies...again. ;)

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