20 January 2016

It's Grease Lightning!

easy mom look

casual mom fashion

 zara denim 

Shoes || Converse
Jeans || Zara (old, love these and they are on sale for $12.99!)
T-Shirt || Shopbop (old, but have this one and love this one by the same designer)
Jacket || Forever 21 (old, this one is nearly identical AND on sale!)
Sunglasses || Ray-Ban 
I don't know about you, but pretty much anytime I wear jeans and a t-shirt topped off with a leather jacket I get some serious Grease vibes. Cuff my jeans, throw on some chucks and you should just go ahead and call me  Danny Zuko! Sandy and I just don't share the same sense of style--well, until that last scene at the carnival where she wore those leather leggings and red heels. YES! 

Anyway, this outfit happened 1000% on accident and I ended up diggin' it.  It started with me throwing on these jeans and my Converse, because really, that is the foundation of my day to day "Mom-Uniform." From there I thought about our day; it was indoor skate park, groceries and cleaning the house... so, t-shirt.

"Hmm, haven't worn this one in a while. Clean, check. Conducive for skate park rescue maneuvers, check. Sold! To the red tee on the far left! Ooo! My new sunglasses will go with this, yessss!"  

*Goes outside to warm up the car* 

"Holy shit it's cold! Jacket. Moto jacket is hanging up right inside the door, perfect."  

*Checks self in mirror* 

"Ha! Hair...You're going up." 

*Goes to grab children. 50% of them have managed to get completely naked in the 3 minutes it took me to carefully curate this ensemble. Redresses rogue child and makes moves towards the car... *

And that's all she wrote.
Style wise, are you a Danny or a Sandy?

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