31 January 2016

When The Dog Bites!

... Because I'm pretty sure I've used the title "these are a few of my favorite things" already.

Nothing fancy going on here today so I figured I would bombard you with a bunch of random things that I've been feelin' pretty good about lately. #yourewelcome

Mom dates. Seriously, I'm convinced that I would be a more ahem pleasant individual if these were a regular occurrence. Last weekend, Kelsey (Pardon My French) and I met up at Nordstrom for a little decompression session. We spent over TWO hours (thanks Kyle! love ya mean it.) posting up in various departments of Nordstrom just chit-chatting away!  When I got home I felt rejuvenated and ready to tackle the week. It was the best--Mom dates for the win!

Target's dollar section has been particularly lethal recently... to my wallet that is. ;) The other night during a SOLO Target run, I'm pretty sure it took me a solid 30 just to clear the ol' Bullseye's Playground.


I've been on a major home decor kick recently! MAJOR. Kyle has to be tired of randomly coming home to a completely rearranged house. (Not that he knew where to find anything in the first place, but he sure does notice when the bed isn't where it was the night before. Ha!) Some of my recent finds were this coffee mug rack (40% off!!), a slate serving stand from Nordstrom (also available here) and this "welcome" sign.

one || two || three

- This post from Little Baby Garvin--so damn funny and totally relatable! Harper totally reminded me of Mallory with her "uh, Dad, ya got poop" comment! Toddlers are something else...


- ColourPop! Namely their lip products because that's all I've tried. My first order consisted of two of their ultra matte liquid lipsticks and one of their lippie pencils. The second order is en route carrying some of their cult favorite lippie stix and a couple more liquid lipsticks for good measure. ;) The price point of these babies? STUPID cheap. (Plus $5 off your first order if you sign up for their emails.) Once you start perusing their site, which has arguable the best swatches ever, you'll want them all! ALL.

- Kitchen table 2.0! Kyle originally built this table when we lived in Georgia but wasn't completely happy with it. He rebuilt the skirt, reconfigured the table top to be more rectangular, and finished it with a fresh stain. I absolutely LOVE it! It is so special to me to have so many pieces that Kyle built in our home. I'm planning to refinish our current chairs in a black chalk paint, but I think I eventually want to get chairs like these or something similar.

farmhouse table

That's pretty much all I've got.
OH! More good news, our washing machine is getting fixed (again) tomorrow morning! Doing laundry in the bathtub is on my top ten least favorite chores list. (Clearly going to the laundromat made the top five...)

Over and out.

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