26 February 2016

7 Years Ago Today

As I type this I'm laying on my bathroom floor thanks to a stomach bug gifted to me by my lovely germ buckets children. Is totally insane to be thankful for this? Thankful for the sweats and chills, a pounding headache and the inability to keep anything, even my saliva down. There was a time in my life, roughly 7 years ago, where I literally prayed for "problems" like this. I can vividly remember trying to negotiate some kind of trade with God.

"Hey, so uh, I've been thinking...How bout I give you both of my legs AND this cancer shit? Deal? Deal. Legs are high maintenance anyway. Always needing to be shaved... no thanks!"

I'm so incredibly thankful for the stress that surrounded not breastfeeding Michael following my most recent scans. Or the tears I cried over leaving Mallory at home with Kyle so I could go to Texas and get those scans. The reality is I now have a loving husband, two beautiful children, a couple of  amazing dogs and the most supportive family and friends; it's the life I'd always dreamed of--and it only began AFTER hearing the horrific words "you have cancer." 

It has been 7 years since I was diagnosed with cancer. Crazy, huh? I choose to celebrate my "cancerversary" on the anniversary of my last day of chemo. I wanted to celebrate a happy day instead of diagnosis day which is pretty much the ultimate as far as shitty days are concerned

Today, please, appreciate the life and "problems" you have--somewhere, someone else is praying for them as they fight for their life. 

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