14 February 2016

Brown Chicken Brown Cow

Last week, an appointment in the valley afforded me the opportunity to check out a new home decor/furniture store. Brown Chicken Brown Cow just opened about a month ago and sells affordable (read--AFFORDABLE!!!) upcycled and handmade pieces for your home. I would describe the general vibe as being rustic/farmhouse with a little old school flare. Pure perfection if you ask me!

*Excuse the iPhone photos. I wasn't prepared for this investigative shopping trip to require documentation. ;)

During our visit, we had the opportunity to chat with owner Tammy; a downright incredible woman! She made the decision to open Brown Chicken Brown Cow about a year into her retirement from a career in neurosurgery. You know, just your everyday brain surgeon who happens to be enjoy woodworking, welding and design on the side. NBD. ;) She said growing up she was constantly following her dad around his woodworking shop just taking it all in--she's been hooked ever since!

Tammy would love for everyone to have beautiful pieces in their home which is why she prices the things in her store as low as she does. (For example, you know the popular farmhouse style "Bakery" sign? Well, Tammy made one out of wood and was selling it for HALF of what you'd pay elsewhere!) 

It is also important that I comment on the overall atmosphere Tammy has created for her store. I walked in with my wrecking crew toddler in tow and asked if there was anything specific I needed to keep my daughter away from. She responded "Nope! Let her explore." Laid back, family friendly, and pleasant?! Color me SOLD! Business owners like her are who I'm excited to support as a consumer.

Oh! Brown Chicken Brown Cow also loves custom projects! If you can dream it Tammy would love to work with you to bring your idea to fruition. 

If you are in Alaska, I highly, highly encourage you to check out Brown Chicken Brown Cow in Wasilla!

Visit the Brown Chicken Brown Cow Facebook page for more information!

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