22 February 2016

Something For Him, Just Because

During our premarital counseling, we I read The 5 Love Languages (I know, don't we all...) While neither one of us pinpointed "gifts" as our primary or even secondary love language, Kyle still takes it upon himself to surprise me from time to time with gifts. I mean, I'll bring home his favorite beer from the grocery store even if it wasn't on the list but that certainly doesn't an extravagant random gift giver! Kyle, though, he can be quite generous and sweet with this stuff. For instance he recently brought home a FitBit after hearing me mention wanting one, granted, a risky gift for some, for me, it was amazing! After he surprised me with flowers for Valentine's Day last week (even though we don't explicitly acknowledge the day). I realized, I don't ever really return the "just because" gifting favor and that's pretty lame.

So, I began scouring the inter webs and planning a few random gift ideas for Kyle. Assuming that I'm not the only one deficient in the spontaneous present department...Let's get those gift giving juices flowin'!

one || two || three || four || five || six || seven

Kyle is a pretty "basic" dude (what do they call even call "basic" guys? You know, the hunting, fishing, beer drinking, handy-man, sports fan, fashion-dumb kind of guy?) He likes what he likes and doesn't really deviate. That can make gift giving kind of a challenge because generally he either already has it or doesn't care about it OR has something uber specific expensive in mind and I don't want to touch that idea with a ten foot poll!

Hahaaaaa! Oh this wasn't funny at the time, but it didn't take long... Something I will NOT be gifting Kyle? A table saw.

Ok, so funny story about a multi-tool... I had the kids at story time last week and Mallory pulled the ol' lock the bathroom stall door and crawl under and out maneuver. Having encountered this with her before, I pulled out my keys and credit card to get the door open. A woman who was changing her kids' diaper behind us goes "oh, don't worry about it, I'll take care of it. I have a multi-tool in my purse. I'm an Alaskan woman." I shit. you. not! I didn't know whether to be impressed or offended. Note to self: Stash multi-tool in handbag to not be out shined in the restroom lock picking games. Anywho, multi-tools. Story time moms and my husband dig em'. Bonus points if you have it engraved!

If your guy doesn't already have a GoPro and you're planning to go B.I.G in the gift department, this is a no fail idea. Outdoorsy or not, I think most can appreciate what the GoPro is capable of. Kyle even filmed our entire Christmas morning from his GoPro, which I of course love.

Kyle literally doesn't have to think about what he is going to wear ever. He wears a uniform everyday to work then comes home and changes into, what he likes to call "multi purpose clothes." His chill/home/work out/sleep attire if you will. Soooo, I like to take it upon myself to beef up his wardrobe a little... kicks that don't have holes in them or perhaps a shirt, maybe even a little grooming kit or cologne if i'm feelin' fancy. 

If the GoPro is already in his gadget arsenal, get him a GoPro Accessories Kit (currently 50% off!!) The quality and capabilities of the pieces in this particular kit are unbeatable, especially for the price! You would easily pay 5x as much for a fraction of the accessories that are included. 31 pieces, a carrying case, and a 1 year warranty? Done and done!

Alright, enough of this manly business, I have to go help Mal do Kyle's makeup.

Baby Face Makeup
Later! ;)

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FTC Disclosure : I received the Camera Action Kit 
free of charge. As always, all opinions are mine alone.

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