30 March 2016

Mirrored Sunglasses Under $50

affordable aviators
one || two || three || four || five || six || seven || eight

Mirrored sunglasses are back in a big way this spring! Sunglasses are one of my favorite fashion accessories -- the perfect marriage of style and function. A pair of fun, mirrored shades has the power to transform even the most basic outfits into something cool and contemporary. 

Maybe I'm the only one, but when shopping for sunglasses I not only consider how they'll look on my face in keep-the-sun-out-of-my-eyes mode but also how they'll look on top of my head in keep-my-hair-out-of-my-face headband mode. Now, if only someone could figure out how to keep the damn nose piece from getting caught in my hair!!

Anyway, I've rounded up a group of my favorite mirrored sunglasses. Well, some of them; there are so many awesome colors and styles out there right now! When it comes to sunglasses, I tend to gravitate towards more inexpensive options. For whatever reason, taking care of "nice" sunglasses is just stressful for me, so each of these cost less than $50!

And lets be honest...I need to be able to afford a pair in every color. ;)
Have you purchased any new sunglasses this year? Which ones did you get?!

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28 March 2016

Black on Black on Black

top || SecondRun -- one of my favorite local consignment shops (similar)
pants || J Brand (similar under $30!)
shoes || Nordstrom Rack
watch || Michael Kors
necklace || BaubleBar (on sale now!!)
lipstick || Snob + Erin
sunglasses || Ray-Ban (similar look for $12!)

Black is my go to when it comes to fashion. I always default to black when adding to my wardrobe which results in me having a closet jam packed with black pieces!

There was a time in my life (hello middle school Amanda!) that I would have been totally intimidated by the thought of wearing an all black outfit. As though wearing only black means I should also be wearing black lipstick, rocking out to Marilyn Manson and have giant metal spikes coming out of my face...


When styled well, black is arguably the best the neutral family has to offer! It's the most universally flattering color with versatility that knows no bounds!

I mean, consider the options with this look... Throw on some pumps and red lipstick and I'm ready for a night on the town. Or pile my hair in a top knot and kick on some Nikes - bam! - playground ready. In this case, a quick solo shopping trip was on the books.

You know what black isn't awesome for? Spit up. But, you can't win 'em all. ;)

Shop the entire look using the widget below! Click the arrow to find more options at various price points.

27 March 2016

Arbitrary Sunday Night Type Sesh.

currently blog post idea

Thinking about what a great weekend we had! Kyle was off on Friday so we enjoyed an extra day of family time, ate ridiculous amounts of candy and worked really hard to keep the productivity to a minimum. ;)

Reading my Target receipt. Weird, right? Wrong! I was just informed of the little survey thing at the bottom. Apparently if you complete the survey you are entered to win a $1,500 Target gift card. They draw winners monthly...by state! Alaska only has like 1.5 Target stores, so I feel like the odds are in my favor. One lady has won twice for my store alone! Obviously this means I need to buy more so I have more receipts thus more chances to win. ;)

Loving the Living proof. Perfect hair Day dry shampoo! I've tried my fair share of dry shampoos and none are as effective nor smell as amazing as this stuff. I actually just stocked up this weekend so I could take advantage of the gift with purchase at Nordstrom.

Cooking not a damn thing! I tossed a few frozen chicken breasts on the counter and said to Kyle "you could cook these for dinner or something" as I fled the house solo.

Pinning recipes. Ha! I've really been trying to branch out a bit from my  limited repertoire of meal offerings... Except for today. Today doesn't count. ;)

Deciding whether we should rent a house or just live on post. We are moving to Arizona in just a few short weeks -- it's probably time we acknowledge that it's happening and get our shit together! I don't love living on post, but we are only going to be in Arizona for a relatively short time so I don't know that I want to mess with renting. Decisions, decisions...

Wanting all the sunglasses--namely these, but I've been on a serious shades kick lately!

Trying to teach my son that he can sleep without having my nipple in his mouth! Ugh, we are TI-RED over here! Mike wakes up no less than 5 times a night to be consoled by boob and only boob... Not a fan!

Needing to evaluate my wardrobe situation. Alaska has afforded me a healthy sweater collection, but appropriate for Arizona living? Not so much...

Watching on tv? Hmmm. Not much really. My attention span for TV shows/movies is shit, but I do enjoy Chicago PD!

Making my grocery/errand list for tomorrow. Target, we're comin' for ya!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend! 

End random Sunday night reading. ;) 

24 March 2016

Mallory's Room - Updated

At around 2 years old, Mallory started growing thoroughly unimpressed with her bedroom. I can't argue that her room wasn't putting off serious baby vibes, but we were kind of at a crossroads of sorts with her room. While most certainly a full fledged toddler, Mallory still had not (and still hasn't) discovered that she is capable of climbing out of her crib -- and if it 'aint broke, right?! Hell bent on keeping her in the crib for as long as possible, I set out to "refresh" her room. I wanted it feel more like a toddler's room rather than a baby's room while not yet taking the big girl bed plunge.

Side note :: What really, really got this toddler room update in motion was Kyle's parents making the wooden Alaska wall art for each of the kids -- we couldn't wait to get those babies up on the wall! 

Mallory's room was previously decorated with very muted shades of green and purple with a few gold accents, so off the bat I focused on adding color! I started by swapping the baby shower card wall decor (I followed this tutorial) out for a little more vibrant and toddler appropriate diy (inspired by this gold polka dot art tutorial which was also in her room previously.) 

I knew I didn't want to make any major changes to her furniture. We really splurged on her convertible bed and dresser with the intention of her using them for years! All I did was change the knobs on her dresser to something a bit unexpected and fun--totally an inexpensive and easy change that can make a big difference! Oh, I also traded her dark rocking chair in for a white one to add a little brightness to the space.

Next, I took at look at her bedding; she had these sheets and we just used whichever of her baby blankets were within reach to cover her up. Of course, that needed to change too. I decided to up a crib comforter and pillow from IKEA and a simple white duvet and pillow case. (We are planning on handing these babies down to Mike that's why I went with a neutral color.) Mallory was SO EXCITED to have her own pillow and "big blanket like Mommy's" in her bed! Color was added to her bed with these awesome sheets! I wouldn't hate them for myself, actually... ;)

Really, my only other tip is that Target is your friend. But, duh!

This little baby-to-toddler-room-without-ditching-the-crib makeover cost no more than $100.

I'm really quite pleased with how Mallory's room looks now (and so is she, but whatever ;))

Shop her room using the tool below! 

20 March 2016

The Only 3 Nail Polishes You Need This Spring

It's officially SPRING!!

(Nevermind the fact that we just got a foot of snow...)

Let it be known, I will use anything as an excuse to declutter. Spring cleaning, a full moon, it's Tuesday, you name it, I can turn it into a household purging event! With our move back to the lower 48 at fast approaching, I've been evaluating a lot of my shit, namely my makeup/beauty products.

There was actually a brief moment in which I contemplated tossing my entire nail polish collection because it has gotten so insane! Well, that and the movers can't move nail polish... Thankfully, I came to my senses and decided to only toss the ones I never use or that are embarrassingly old.

At one point during this process I had the nail polishes organized by color, then by brand, then by season before they alllll wound up mixed into the same basket the came from. Ha!

Anyway, in the spirit of spring--he are my three ride or die spring nail polishes!



Mint Candy Apple

I'm actually wearing Lollipop at this very moment...

What are your go to nail colors for spring?

Check out last year's spring polish round up by clicking here!

17 March 2016

Pink Lips!

Pink lipstick. Definitely not a frequently reached for shade in my lipstick drawer. It just isn't a color I love in general - pink decor, pink clothing, pink whatever, just not my thing. I unjustly carry my anti pink attitude over to lipsticks. Totally stupid! One of the lipsticks I'm about to talk about is pretty much holy grail status in my book. 

Those are big words, huh?

Now that spring is so close (except mother nature got drunk and just gifted us more snow) I find myself gravitating towards more fun, vibrant, girly hues. 

By happenstance, my favorite pink lipsticks all happen to be by MAC. I think that has a lot to do with the sheer quantity of videos swatching MAC lipsticks available on YouTube. Like, a shit ton! I was certainly able to make informed purchases. Ha!

Creme Cup is a cult favorite! It's formula is super comfortable and easy to wear. I'd say the shade itself works on any and all skin tones as it's a neutral, pinky nude. Can't go wrong with Creme Cup!

Snob is a textbook "barbie doll pink." I love pairing this with my Dior Lip Maximizer

Ready for my holy grail pink? Pink Plaid! It's no secret that I love matte lip. Pink Plaid offers a soft, classic pink color, in a hydrating matte formula! This is definitely one I suggest swatching in person because the color isn't showing up quite as true as I'd like it to in these images...

Last, but most certainly not least, is Girl About Town! What kind of credibility would I have as a lipstick enthusiast if I didn't own a hot pink? ;) I like Girl About Town because it's a very blue pink (cool toned) which I think works best against my fair skin.

What are your go-to pink lipsticks?

16 March 2016

What A Ride!

Today is our 4th wedding anniversary!

As time goes on, we learn more and more about ourselves and each other.

Some of these things are good, some not so good...

Kyle is wildly inappropriate. (Ok, I knew that when I married him.) He doesn't pick up behind himself, like ever. (Knew, that one too.) He apparently requires more sleep than a newborn, and would sleep the day away if he could. The man can't multi-task to save his life and hs general ability to just piss. me. off. is unmatched... by ANYONE!

Buuuut, Kyle is one hell of a husband, friend and father and I'm incredibly lucky to share life with him.

Because I don't need to stroke Kyle's ego by further writing how amazing I think he is, I'm going to leave you with the image I have in my head of Kyle after he reads this...

he winks at me

flashes his signature shit eating grin

smacks me on the ass and as he walks away says...

"I know, I'm awesome."

 ** but really, as I was finishing up this post he asked what I was writing about. I told him I was talking a lot of shit in an anniversary post. He said excitedly, "oh, happy anniversary!" then quickly mumbled to himself "acknowledge anniversary. check!"

The romance is alive and well in our house! ;)

02 March 2016

What's Going On Here?!

sneakers || Nike
jeans || Zara (old, love these!)
t-shirt || Target
jacket || c/o Lurap
sunglasses || Nordstrom

Want to know how much my definition of "spring" has evolved over these past few years in Alaska? Well, let me paint you a picture.

Imagine you live in what is supposed to be the ultimate winter wonderland. This place hasn't seen shit for snow in the past few winters but the cold, oh the cold can be brutal! Then, one day, you step outside and there isn't a cloud in the sky! The wind isn't ripping through each of your 923948 layers and you feel warm. You feel an overwhelming sense of rejuvenation. You park your happy ass in the driver's seat and look at the thermostat, 39°. Thirty. Nine. That's not freaking warm!! Not warm at all! 

These past few days we've seen more sunshine and temps above 35 than we have in several long, dark months. People are sipping daiquiris, lounging by the pool...Ok, that isn't try i don't think, but we are running our errands in t-shirts--not a down jacket or pair of Sorel boots in sight! No kidding, I did all of my quick errands (HA! as quick as one can do errands with a toddler and 10 month old) in just those jeans, sneakers and white t-shirt. When a quick outdoor energy dump was required for my pint sized roommates, a long olive green blazer swooped for the win. The kids didn't need hats or gloves! 

It was just such a beautiful thing...

Happy break up spring!

Note:: In Alaska, springtime is usually referred to as break up because all of the snow/ice is melting or "breaking up." The more you know...
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