16 March 2016

What A Ride!

Today is our 4th wedding anniversary!

As time goes on, we learn more and more about ourselves and each other.

Some of these things are good, some not so good...

Kyle is wildly inappropriate. (Ok, I knew that when I married him.) He doesn't pick up behind himself, like ever. (Knew, that one too.) He apparently requires more sleep than a newborn, and would sleep the day away if he could. The man can't multi-task to save his life and hs general ability to just piss. me. off. is unmatched... by ANYONE!

Buuuut, Kyle is one hell of a husband, friend and father and I'm incredibly lucky to share life with him.

Because I don't need to stroke Kyle's ego by further writing how amazing I think he is, I'm going to leave you with the image I have in my head of Kyle after he reads this...

he winks at me

flashes his signature shit eating grin

smacks me on the ass and as he walks away says...

"I know, I'm awesome."

 ** but really, as I was finishing up this post he asked what I was writing about. I told him I was talking a lot of shit in an anniversary post. He said excitedly, "oh, happy anniversary!" then quickly mumbled to himself "acknowledge anniversary. check!"

The romance is alive and well in our house! ;)

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