17 March 2016

Pink Lips!

Pink lipstick. Definitely not a frequently reached for shade in my lipstick drawer. It just isn't a color I love in general - pink decor, pink clothing, pink whatever, just not my thing. I unjustly carry my anti pink attitude over to lipsticks. Totally stupid! One of the lipsticks I'm about to talk about is pretty much holy grail status in my book. 

Those are big words, huh?

Now that spring is so close (except mother nature got drunk and just gifted us more snow) I find myself gravitating towards more fun, vibrant, girly hues. 

By happenstance, my favorite pink lipsticks all happen to be by MAC. I think that has a lot to do with the sheer quantity of videos swatching MAC lipsticks available on YouTube. Like, a shit ton! I was certainly able to make informed purchases. Ha!

Creme Cup is a cult favorite! It's formula is super comfortable and easy to wear. I'd say the shade itself works on any and all skin tones as it's a neutral, pinky nude. Can't go wrong with Creme Cup!

Snob is a textbook "barbie doll pink." I love pairing this with my Dior Lip Maximizer

Ready for my holy grail pink? Pink Plaid! It's no secret that I love matte lip. Pink Plaid offers a soft, classic pink color, in a hydrating matte formula! This is definitely one I suggest swatching in person because the color isn't showing up quite as true as I'd like it to in these images...

Last, but most certainly not least, is Girl About Town! What kind of credibility would I have as a lipstick enthusiast if I didn't own a hot pink? ;) I like Girl About Town because it's a very blue pink (cool toned) which I think works best against my fair skin.

What are your go-to pink lipsticks?

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