30 March 2016

Mirrored Sunglasses Under $50

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Mirrored sunglasses are back in a big way this spring! Sunglasses are one of my favorite fashion accessories -- the perfect marriage of style and function. A pair of fun, mirrored shades has the power to transform even the most basic outfits into something cool and contemporary. 

Maybe I'm the only one, but when shopping for sunglasses I not only consider how they'll look on my face in keep-the-sun-out-of-my-eyes mode but also how they'll look on top of my head in keep-my-hair-out-of-my-face headband mode. Now, if only someone could figure out how to keep the damn nose piece from getting caught in my hair!!

Anyway, I've rounded up a group of my favorite mirrored sunglasses. Well, some of them; there are so many awesome colors and styles out there right now! When it comes to sunglasses, I tend to gravitate towards more inexpensive options. For whatever reason, taking care of "nice" sunglasses is just stressful for me, so each of these cost less than $50!

And lets be honest...I need to be able to afford a pair in every color. ;)
Have you purchased any new sunglasses this year? Which ones did you get?!

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