27 March 2016

Arbitrary Sunday Night Type Sesh.

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Thinking about what a great weekend we had! Kyle was off on Friday so we enjoyed an extra day of family time, ate ridiculous amounts of candy and worked really hard to keep the productivity to a minimum. ;)

Reading my Target receipt. Weird, right? Wrong! I was just informed of the little survey thing at the bottom. Apparently if you complete the survey you are entered to win a $1,500 Target gift card. They draw winners monthly...by state! Alaska only has like 1.5 Target stores, so I feel like the odds are in my favor. One lady has won twice for my store alone! Obviously this means I need to buy more so I have more receipts thus more chances to win. ;)

Loving the Living proof. Perfect hair Day dry shampoo! I've tried my fair share of dry shampoos and none are as effective nor smell as amazing as this stuff. I actually just stocked up this weekend so I could take advantage of the gift with purchase at Nordstrom.

Cooking not a damn thing! I tossed a few frozen chicken breasts on the counter and said to Kyle "you could cook these for dinner or something" as I fled the house solo.

Pinning recipes. Ha! I've really been trying to branch out a bit from my  limited repertoire of meal offerings... Except for today. Today doesn't count. ;)

Deciding whether we should rent a house or just live on post. We are moving to Arizona in just a few short weeks -- it's probably time we acknowledge that it's happening and get our shit together! I don't love living on post, but we are only going to be in Arizona for a relatively short time so I don't know that I want to mess with renting. Decisions, decisions...

Wanting all the sunglasses--namely these, but I've been on a serious shades kick lately!

Trying to teach my son that he can sleep without having my nipple in his mouth! Ugh, we are TI-RED over here! Mike wakes up no less than 5 times a night to be consoled by boob and only boob... Not a fan!

Needing to evaluate my wardrobe situation. Alaska has afforded me a healthy sweater collection, but appropriate for Arizona living? Not so much...

Watching on tv? Hmmm. Not much really. My attention span for TV shows/movies is shit, but I do enjoy Chicago PD!

Making my grocery/errand list for tomorrow. Target, we're comin' for ya!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend! 

End random Sunday night reading. ;) 

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