20 March 2016

The Only 3 Nail Polishes You Need This Spring

It's officially SPRING!!

(Nevermind the fact that we just got a foot of snow...)

Let it be known, I will use anything as an excuse to declutter. Spring cleaning, a full moon, it's Tuesday, you name it, I can turn it into a household purging event! With our move back to the lower 48 at fast approaching, I've been evaluating a lot of my shit, namely my makeup/beauty products.

There was actually a brief moment in which I contemplated tossing my entire nail polish collection because it has gotten so insane! Well, that and the movers can't move nail polish... Thankfully, I came to my senses and decided to only toss the ones I never use or that are embarrassingly old.

At one point during this process I had the nail polishes organized by color, then by brand, then by season before they alllll wound up mixed into the same basket the came from. Ha!

Anyway, in the spirit of spring--he are my three ride or die spring nail polishes!



Mint Candy Apple

I'm actually wearing Lollipop at this very moment...

What are your go to nail colors for spring?

Check out last year's spring polish round up by clicking here!

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