24 March 2016

Mallory's Room - Updated

At around 2 years old, Mallory started growing thoroughly unimpressed with her bedroom. I can't argue that her room wasn't putting off serious baby vibes, but we were kind of at a crossroads of sorts with her room. While most certainly a full fledged toddler, Mallory still had not (and still hasn't) discovered that she is capable of climbing out of her crib -- and if it 'aint broke, right?! Hell bent on keeping her in the crib for as long as possible, I set out to "refresh" her room. I wanted it feel more like a toddler's room rather than a baby's room while not yet taking the big girl bed plunge.

Side note :: What really, really got this toddler room update in motion was Kyle's parents making the wooden Alaska wall art for each of the kids -- we couldn't wait to get those babies up on the wall! 

Mallory's room was previously decorated with very muted shades of green and purple with a few gold accents, so off the bat I focused on adding color! I started by swapping the baby shower card wall decor (I followed this tutorial) out for a little more vibrant and toddler appropriate diy (inspired by this gold polka dot art tutorial which was also in her room previously.) 

I knew I didn't want to make any major changes to her furniture. We really splurged on her convertible bed and dresser with the intention of her using them for years! All I did was change the knobs on her dresser to something a bit unexpected and fun--totally an inexpensive and easy change that can make a big difference! Oh, I also traded her dark rocking chair in for a white one to add a little brightness to the space.

Next, I took at look at her bedding; she had these sheets and we just used whichever of her baby blankets were within reach to cover her up. Of course, that needed to change too. I decided to up a crib comforter and pillow from IKEA and a simple white duvet and pillow case. (We are planning on handing these babies down to Mike that's why I went with a neutral color.) Mallory was SO EXCITED to have her own pillow and "big blanket like Mommy's" in her bed! Color was added to her bed with these awesome sheets! I wouldn't hate them for myself, actually... ;)

Really, my only other tip is that Target is your friend. But, duh!

This little baby-to-toddler-room-without-ditching-the-crib makeover cost no more than $100.

I'm really quite pleased with how Mallory's room looks now (and so is she, but whatever ;))

Shop her room using the tool below! 

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