02 March 2016

What's Going On Here?!

sneakers || Nike
jeans || Zara (old, love these!)
t-shirt || Target
jacket || c/o Lurap
sunglasses || Nordstrom

Want to know how much my definition of "spring" has evolved over these past few years in Alaska? Well, let me paint you a picture.

Imagine you live in what is supposed to be the ultimate winter wonderland. This place hasn't seen shit for snow in the past few winters but the cold, oh the cold can be brutal! Then, one day, you step outside and there isn't a cloud in the sky! The wind isn't ripping through each of your 923948 layers and you feel warm. You feel an overwhelming sense of rejuvenation. You park your happy ass in the driver's seat and look at the thermostat, 39°. Thirty. Nine. That's not freaking warm!! Not warm at all! 

These past few days we've seen more sunshine and temps above 35 than we have in several long, dark months. People are sipping daiquiris, lounging by the pool...Ok, that isn't try i don't think, but we are running our errands in t-shirts--not a down jacket or pair of Sorel boots in sight! No kidding, I did all of my quick errands (HA! as quick as one can do errands with a toddler and 10 month old) in just those jeans, sneakers and white t-shirt. When a quick outdoor energy dump was required for my pint sized roommates, a long olive green blazer swooped for the win. The kids didn't need hats or gloves! 

It was just such a beautiful thing...

Happy break up spring!

Note:: In Alaska, springtime is usually referred to as break up because all of the snow/ice is melting or "breaking up." The more you know...

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