13 March 2016

What's Good?

Well, this stuff is, that's what! ;)

I hope your weekend was a good one. We kept things low key with a some fun activities with the kids, a few errands and an impromptu date night! Whaaaat?! #homeby9 #wedidourtaxes

*wearing a new liquid lipstick (American Doll by ABH) and it's gooood.*

"Date night" brings me to the first good great thing, which is Kyle being home! He was gone for a good five weeks and boy did we miss him! This was the first time that Kyle was away and Mallory (semi) understood that he was gone. I don't know what was more sad, her asking multiple times a day when Daddy was coming home, or when she stopped asking all together...

kaleidoscape play studio anchorage
@ Kaleidoscape Play Studio

Have you heard of this studio?! No? Well, allow me to introduce you. So, one of the things I'm frequently asked as a cancer survivor is for advice on how to show support to a friend or family member with cancer. What's the right thing to say? How can I help? Etc. The "eympathy" cards in particular, made by fellow survivor Emily McDowell hit the nail on the freaking head! She also sells totes, mugs, towels, prints, etc. You're welcome. ;)

funny mugs

This recipe. I've made this several times over the past month or so and the whole fam is obsessed! It's a quick and easy one which speaks to my cooking love language. (I literally caused an entire casserole to explode on Thanksgiving this year...) Buuuutttttt, you can just go ahead and call me Chef Amanda now because instead of using the ingredients the recipe called for (read: I had zero desire to load the kids up and run to the store) I used whatever cheeses and pasta we had on hand and it was still out of this world delicious!


The Honest Toddler. I don't know how late I am to the party on this one, but this stuff is pee your pants funny! I dare you to read through some of their stuff (start here) and still be butt hurt about the weekend ending.


On that note, bring it on Monday!

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