03 April 2016

I Got Botox!

Since puberty, I have been uncomfortable with the amount of sweat coming from my underarms. I finally did something about it -- I got BOTOX!

excessive underarm sweat

For as long as I can remember, I have purchased tops based on two things and two things only. One, does this shirt come in a color that camouflages pit stains? (Keepin' it really real here today...) And two, the top better be inexpensive because I will undoubtedly have to toss it after just one season of wear.

It didn't matter if I was hot or cold, my underarms always had an excessive and embarrassing amount of sweat! I can be fairly certain in saying that I've tried every antiperspirant the drugstore has to offer. Nothing, I repeat NOTHING would cut down on the amount I would sweat.

Fast forward through all of my cancer stuff, during which time the thought of bringing up hyperhidrosis (fancy word for "makes a shit ton of unnecessary sweat") at doctor appointments didn't even cross my mind. I mean "hi um, so I know I'm supposed to be just trying not to die right now, but can we talk about my sweaty armpits?" Nope. 

With my most recent awesome report card from my oncologist and a pending move to Arizona, I figured I'd go ahead and finally schedule a little extracurricular chat with my dermatologist.

He suggested Botox. Whoda thunk?!

A couple of weeks later I went back to have the actual procedure. It was a quick (about 10 minutes) and simple appointment that involved about 25 injections of Botox into each underarm.

I noticed a decrease in underarm sweat within 24 hours of having the injections. By day 4 I was essentially sweat free!

I have stopped planning outfits around my hyperhidrosis. I don't change my shirt 4 times a day because my shirts are saturated in sweat. It is amazing how freeing this has been for me! What a confidence boost!

If only I did this sooner...

PS. My Botox injections for hyperhidrosis were covered by insurance! Shoot me an email if you have any questions about the insurance process as it pertains to TRICARE Standard.

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