27 April 2016

I Cut My Own Hair?!

I've been cutting my own hair at home for a little over 6 years now. I figured it was high time I wrote about my little bathroom hair salon if only to make all of the professional hair stylists out there cringe. ;)

* I guess this is a good time to mention that I have no formal training whatsoever when it comes to hair. I just do what I do and it works out. *

**AND once a year I do like to have a professional cut my hair. The layers in the back of my head are difficult to do on my own, so a pro does them and I just maintain them for as long as possible. Plus someone else washing my hair?!! That's what it's all about!**

My DIY hair cutting adventures began when my hair started to grow back following my cancer treatment. One of the most frequent pieces of hair growth advice I received was to get frequent trims--so frequent trims I got did myself! I mean, what the hell-- it wasn't like I could make my hair look much worse...

hair after chemo

I wanted my long curly hair back somethin' fierce so the thought of having inches of my hair lobbed off was terrifying! I scoured Pinterest, hair/beauty blogs and YouTube for at home haircut tutorials and just sort of figured it out.

I never gave myself a cut I didn't want.

As time went on and my hair continued to grow, I became more comfortable and confident in cutting my own hair.

The photos below kinda sorta show the progression of my hair growth/cut over the years following chemo/2009. 


Side note : Can we talk about how crazy hormones are?! My hair grew stupid fast in 2013 thanks to being pregnant. Then in 2015 my hair totally changed in texture again courtesy of pregnancy number two. NUTS!

Anyway, I trim the ends of my hair about once a month just to keep things healthy and well maintained. My preference is to cut my hair when it's freshly shampooed and damp OR when it is completely dry and styled. I find it's easier for me to do an all over cut on wet hair and easier to address shape and evenness on dry hair--but that's just me.

Getting the exact cut I want aside, doing my hair at home also saves money! Let's say I were to follow the general stylist recommendation and get my hair cut every 6 weeks at a (low) average cost of $40--that's $320 a year! In my mind, that math means Mama gets a new handbag! Ha! #justsayin

Not to mention, now that I have kids, having to go to a stylist every time I need a trim would mean coordinating childcare with Kyle (read: the Army)--no thank you! Doing it myself is sooooo much more convenient!

I don't know... Am I crazy?! Do you cut your own hair? Tell me I'm not alone here! If you are interested in cutting your own hair, I always recommend the following two videos by Carli Bybel to get you started -- this one and this one. Would you have any interest in seeing HOW I cut mine? Let me know!

For more tips on growing your hair quickly click HERE!

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