17 April 2016

Michael Robert || One Year Old!

1st Birthday photo dump in 3...2...1


It feels like I'm in some kind of crazy time warp. How is it possible to feel like Michael JUST born while also finding it impossible to imagine life before him!? Insanity!

We keep birthdays ├╝ber simple at our house. Some (almost forgotten) Balloons, cake for breakfast and a couple of gifts. Badda bing badda boom. BIRTHDAY!

Mike was PUMPED about his birthday cake! Apparently the goal was to get as much of it in his mouth as quickly as humanly possible. Freaking hysterical to witness!

Mike's 12 month well baby appointment isn't until later this week, so I don't have hard numbers just yet. But, he is wearing 18 month sleepers, 24 month pants and 2t ish shirts. Hows that for cluster f*$k sizing?! If anyone figures out kid's clothing sizes, let me know. 

He still pretty much sucks at sleeping, waking up 4ish times per night. In his defense, that IS an improvement from last month...

His affinity for solid food on the other hand has improved immensely! One could even argue that he now eats better than his sister! I would say that breast milk still makes up about 50% of his diet, but I'm sensing he will start cutting back even more once he gets a molar or two.

Speaking of teeth, he's working with a total of 8 at this point. (Maybe 7...we can't really figure out his bottom tooth situation. Ha!)

Michael took his first unsupported step on his birthday!! It wasn't pretty, but he definitely wasn't holding on to anything and was SOOOOO proud of himself.

*Mama appreciated the sweet birthday gift son. You took that step toward me. :)

As far as language goes, he hasn't used any words yet. Well, not that we can identified anyway. (I swear he says "mama" but nobody else believes me--so just for the record...) He babbles constantly and has been experimenting with tons of different sounds, so we are suspecting those first words aren't all that distant.

Michael is totally obsessed with Mallory and thinks she is the funniest person on the planet! Kyle and I love watching them play together--you know for the 30 seconds that it's enjoyable before Mallory steals the toy or shoves Mike. 

I better cut myself off before we reach novel status. I could go on forever about Michael, his awesome sense of humor, his kind heart, happy disposition and the wonderful impact he has had on our family dynamic, but I'll spare you. ;)

Thank you for letting me share my family with you and gush about our babies. 

We love you Michael Robert!

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