14 April 2016

Things I Don't Understand

Something I've come to accept is that there is just some shit I'm never going to understand. I'm talking "does not compute, wtf, rattle my head maybe that will help this make sense" kind of BAFFLED.

This list was prompted by a recent argument with Kyle. (Oh yes I did!) One evening we were in the throws of planning our move to Arizona and somewhere along the way went from planning to *plot twist* arguing. I was trying to explain that I thought we should do something one way and he was arguing with me about something completely different!

Me ||  "Why don't we use the black suitcase instead of the red one?"
Kyle || "Because there is only enough gas for 350 extra miles!!!"

Something along those lines. At least that's how it felt anyway...

Is there anything more frustrating???

No. No there isn't.

BUT, I have come to accept the fact that I just don't understand certain things--Kyle's brain being one of them ;)

Also, why can't guys hear women?!

I mean seriously?! It's nuts!

 Ok, enough picking on men--lets get to the list.

Why people want to be first on the airplane? Literally, we alllllll arrive at the same time. I can think of approximately zero reasons why I would want to confine myself any longer than is absolutely necessary. I'll wait out here thank you very much!


"Planner culture." That's what I'm calling it anyway. Ever the list maker, I recently purchased this planner in an effort to be a little bit more organized through our move. Holy cow!  Did you guys have any idea there is like an entire movement of people who decorate their planners?!! I'm talking stickers, washi tape, special pens, the works! I mean ... WHAT!?!? I thought physically writing things down was going the extra mile as far as planning is concerned but damn! And doesn't decorating take time away from actually getting shit done? I don't know. Call me crazy...


Math. I shit you not, if it is anything more than the 4th grade basics--color me mystified. Although, maybe I could really kill it with this Common Core math stuff I keep hearing about. You don't actually have to get the correct answer, is that right? Just draw a dope ass picture and/or babble about how I my wrong? Is that how it goes? Regardless, we will be shelling out some serious cash for math tutors once our kids hit middle school... (Kyle is math dumb too.)

This one made me crack up! Who remembers when you would go to the teacher for help and they'd ask you what you don't understand. Haha! "Whatchu mean?! I don't get any of it! Does the doctor ask YOU what medicine you need to fix your illness? NO! Help a sister out here!"

Adult gossip. Or do anything of the like. Weren't our teen years brutal enough?! Why is adult backstabbing/shit talking/conclusion jumping (???? ha!) even a thing? Why can't we all just worry about ourselves? Good lord!


*I've ranted about ^^ this ^^ before. Read that ramble HERE.*

To end this list on a lighter, less preachy and annoying note -- a couple of fashion and beauty trends I just don't understand...

Coffin nails. Huh!? Is this like the slightly more functional and more creepy version of the stiletto nail? Are they comfortable? Can they open the package with my online order from Nordstrom when I can't find scissors? I mean...What? Why?


Chokers. Again???! Nooooooo! We did the choker thing already, didnt we? Circa 1994?  I admit, chokers aren't the least bit flattering on me. I'm talkin', they take me from casual, girly stay at home mom to ultra masculine linebacker in a hurry! Maybe that's why I'm not able to grasp this one... I don't know. ;)

Tell me, what baffles you?

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