24 April 2016

Dressing for the HEAT

Moving from Alaska to Arizona requires a MAJOR shift in my thinking when it comes to shopping for clothing! My sweater collection has grown immensely during our time living in Alaska; the more hot weather friendly options? Not so much. Other than a handful of tees, I've got nothin'

There is some serious work to be done on my wardrobe if I have any intention on surviving the desert heat.

Here are some of the things that are on my shopping list :

Fun fact : I actually lived in Tucson and attended The University of Arizona in 2008. So, despite my wardrobe inadequacies, this isn't exactly my first rodeo in the desert.

Anyway, here is my loose (very loose) strategy for adding desert heat friendly pieces to my wardrobe.

||Protecting my skin is, as always, my first consideration when shopping for spring/summer clothing. I mean, I'm not trying to have a heat stroke, but if I can comfortably cover more skin, I'm going to. For me this usually means I'm sticking to jeans. My legs are protected and I don't have to shave? CHECK!

|| The next thing I consider is comfort, because duh. My kids won't accept me not being fully committed to playing with them because my shit isn't comfortable. So for their sake and my own sanity, comfort is huge!

|| Then comes affordability. Unless our new house in Arizona comes with a money tree in the front yard, budget is going to play a significant role in my purchases.

|| Finally style comes into play. Is the top cute? Fashionable? On trend? Timeless? I don't want to look ridiculous and of course presenting myself in a certain "put together-ish" way is important to me, but it's funny where the actually look of top falls on this list...

And how cool is it that I can shop for tops now without worrying about those gross pit stains?! Eeeek! Endless possibilities I tell ya, ENDLESS!

Shop more of my Arizona  wish list using the widget below!

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