24 May 2016

Get In My House!

One of my favorite things about moving is the opportunity we get to "refresh" some of the pieces in our home. Whether it's furniture or decor, it's fun to breathe some new life into your space. You know, because living in an entirely new house in an entirely new state isn't different enough... ;)

Don't get me wrong, it is hugely important, that we make each house our "home" by maintaining some level of continuity, no matter how sort the stay -- but that's a whole separate post entirely.

We don't currently have any major purchases planned for this house, but there are a few things that we have either been keeping an eye out for or we've realized we need to accommodate our new space.

The new house in Arizona has a very southwest vibe.  (Blended with the standard military housing appeal aesthetic flare --ness. You feel me, right? ;) HAHA! It's really not that bad.) One of the things we love about our new home is that there is not one inch of carpet! With two dogs and two young kids, we always vote hard no on carpeting. In place of carpet however, the builders chose a fugly faux spotted tile... Area rugs, we are going to need a few area rugs. I try to keep the overall style within our home pretty neutral a so the look (and durability) of jute rugs are what I'm gravitating towards.

We've been in need of two additional chairs for our dinning room table and I think these metallic black ones are perfect. I love their versatility--kitchen table, outdoor patio, playroom, just wipe 'em down and move on!

I sold our large floor mirror before we moved and I'm wanting to replace that in a hurry! Standing on a random stool to see my full outfit in the bathroom mirror is bound to end in some sort of humiliating injury... How amazing is this one?!

Other than that I'm just wanting to grab a couple of odds and ends like throw pillows and candles. Oh! And fans. Lots of fans. It's H-O-T in Arizona. Who knew?

Apparently fantasy home decor shopping lists are what you get after camping in your new house without any of your things and no delivery date in sight...

Happy Tuesday!

22 May 2016

We Made It!

Barely. Freaking barely! It seems I remarkably miscalculated the effects that this move would have on the kids. The tantrums. The whining. The food protests. HOLY. HELL. Maybe I'm lacking empathy because this isn't my first rodeo, but damn people -- get it together!


Anyway, I'm writing today from our new house in Fort Huachuca, Arizona!! Our household goods aren't here yet (hopefully Tuesday!) so we are kind of "camping" in the house, but we are just happy to have a little elbow room.

I'll share more on the actual move another time (like when I'm feeling less hostile towards my spawn LOL) but the short story is, the kids and I flew to Arizona while Kyle drove down with the dogs. For 11 days the kids and I hotel hopped between Tucson and Phoenix with an overnight pit stop in California. 

Molly's parents kindly opened their beautiful home to us while we were in town. It was rejuvenating for me and the kids to have a little break from the hotels and the comforts of home. ("Home" because the kids sure acted like it was actually their home...)

In spite of the kids "adjusting", we really have had a good time exploring our new state, eating all the foods we've missed, (pretty sure I've gained a solid 10lbs) shopping and visiting with friends and family.  

Pretty sure this (well, these because kids) is the only photo in exsistence of my parents with me and their grand-babies.
That's pretty much all I've got. I wanted to touch base after my last post to let you know we made it to Fort Huachuca and no one is homicidal...yet.

Talk to you soon!

Ps. Arizona is HOT! Who knew? ;)

It's not even Summer yet...

07 May 2016

Over and Out!

I'm typing this from the floor of our hotel room as to not disturb my pint sized heathens' slumber. The kids reallllly brought their airplane A game, but that's a story for another day.  I wanted to stop in to let you know that we have officially left Alaska! 

Am I thrilled about leaving? No! Alaska was so SO good to us. I mean, we got to live in ALASKA--talk about an adventure! We love Alaska so much that Kyle and I plan to eventually come back and purchase some land to ensure our loved ones can enjoy The Last Frontier for generations to come.

Am I ready for a change? Absolutely! Growing up, my dad's job required us to move every few years, so I'm conditioned to get a little antsy. We lived in Alaska for well over 3 years which meant my internal "it's time to pack it on up" alarm clock was blaring!  I'm definitely excited for something new.

Oh! Can I take a sec to pat myself on the back? K, cool. All of my household purging efforts paid off! Even though we added TWO children to our family, I managed to shave over 2,000 pounds worth of household goods over those 3+ years in AK! I. LOATHE. CLUTTER!

Anyway, the whole point of this post was to let you know that things will be a little different around here for the next couple of weeks. #hotellife #notglamorouswithkids 

I do have a couple of posts on the books but my primary focus will be on maintaining some level of sanity until we move into our new house in Arizona. 

Keep up with us on Snapchat in the mean time! (MarryMintAmanda) I'm terribly awkward to listen to and my kids are bizarre, so we should at least be entertaining if nothing else. 

"Kyle, lets take one last picture together in Alaska!"

Over and out!

02 May 2016

10 Simple Ways To Protect Your Skin

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. As a melanoma survivor myself, cancer prevention and protection from the sun are things I pay extra close attention to. I make it a point to keep up with the latest and greatest (here are a couple of my favorite resources if you're interested: MD Anderson & The Skin Cancer Foundation) in not only skin cancer treatments, but the best practices and products for prevention

It's worth mentioning that protecting our skin from harmful UV rays not only works to prevent skin cancer, but also to keep signs of aging at bay. We can all get behind that, amiright?! ;)

One of the most common questions people have when in comes to sunscreen is "which is the best one?"

Well, let me tell you what my oncologist told me years ago when I asked him that very question.

He said : "The best sunscreen is the one you'll actually use."

Generally, dermatologists seem to prefer physical to chemical barrier sunscreens- which means zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are the ingredients to look for! My dermatologist says "for the most part you want a sunscreen with ingredients you can pronounce."


And just for fun, a few fashion accessories that double as protection from the sun...


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