22 May 2016

We Made It!

Barely. Freaking barely! It seems I remarkably miscalculated the effects that this move would have on the kids. The tantrums. The whining. The food protests. HOLY. HELL. Maybe I'm lacking empathy because this isn't my first rodeo, but damn people -- get it together!


Anyway, I'm writing today from our new house in Fort Huachuca, Arizona!! Our household goods aren't here yet (hopefully Tuesday!) so we are kind of "camping" in the house, but we are just happy to have a little elbow room.

I'll share more on the actual move another time (like when I'm feeling less hostile towards my spawn LOL) but the short story is, the kids and I flew to Arizona while Kyle drove down with the dogs. For 11 days the kids and I hotel hopped between Tucson and Phoenix with an overnight pit stop in California. 

Molly's parents kindly opened their beautiful home to us while we were in town. It was rejuvenating for me and the kids to have a little break from the hotels and the comforts of home. ("Home" because the kids sure acted like it was actually their home...)

In spite of the kids "adjusting", we really have had a good time exploring our new state, eating all the foods we've missed, (pretty sure I've gained a solid 10lbs) shopping and visiting with friends and family.  

Pretty sure this (well, these because kids) is the only photo in exsistence of my parents with me and their grand-babies.
That's pretty much all I've got. I wanted to touch base after my last post to let you know we made it to Fort Huachuca and no one is homicidal...yet.

Talk to you soon!

Ps. Arizona is HOT! Who knew? ;)

It's not even Summer yet...

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